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WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER with LOVE & LIGHT has the following requirements:

You are encouraged to join if:

* Your intention is to network - share knowledge and/or expertise;
* You are dedicated to your art;
* You will be in integrity and share and promote your fellow team member's pages via other social networks (facebook, twitter etc);
* You will add at least one person to your circle per month and or a treasury featuring a group member's;
* You will be supportive to other group members and will be available for questions/comments by new members starting out with their craft and/or Etsy.

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Original Post

We need one of these dont we?

Posted at 8:59 pm Oct 6, 2011 EDT


I sincerely believe so and am excited that you and others have joined! Together we can make amazing things happen ;-)

Posted at 9:39 pm Oct 6, 2011 EDT

Thanks for the invite!

Posted at 11:42 am Oct 9, 2011 EDT

Happy to have you be a part of this team Faeriebluemoon ;-) XO

Posted at 3:58 pm Oct 9, 2011 EDT

Hi. New to the Team and wanted to say hello. Here's my first Team Treasury.


Posted at 6:05 pm Oct 15, 2011 EDT

Just wanted to say hello, I am new to the team!

Posted at 6:07 am Oct 20, 2011 EDT

New to the team and fairly new to Etsy!

Posted at 7:33 pm Dec 22, 2011 EST

Elisa Baker from 72HourDay says
Edited on Jan 5, 2012

Welcome, Katie! You have BEAUTIFUL jewelry! I can tell that you will have great success in the Etsy business world! Please let us know if you need any help with anything! We are all in this together! :)

Posted at 11:38 pm Jan 5, 2012 EST

Hi from New Zealand, I am a needle felt artist, working with NZ wool,

Happy to be part of this team. cheers Marie

Posted at 10:34 pm Jan 20, 2012 EST

Hi! I am new to the team as well. I look forward to working with you all! : ) I am in Frederick, MD, just outside of DC. Let me know if you need anything promoted, or want to get something "out there!" I am always happy to help!

Posted at 7:28 pm Jan 22, 2012 EST

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