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Original Post

Been studying five or six successful painters for a long time now. Each of them has some sort of "story" that is engaging to one degree or another. Some are so articulate it seems contrived--manufactured to the extent of a marketing setup.

Others seem blunt, almost a naive honesty you can't help but appreciate.

I'm mentioning this as I did some reading last night about an artist I've been studying for months.

Anyone in the process of getting your story, process, or philosophy down on paper?

Is this even important?? Thoughts? Agree or disagree?

Posted at 2:26 pm Feb 14, 2012 EST


Well....funny that you mention this.....my non-painting assignment due at midterm is an 'artists statement'.
It's pretty open to us on what we write as long as it pertains to art/painting.
I have been thinking about this and not sure if I will take the story/reflective, process or goal/mission approach. And it does not have to be long, but can be.
I still have a couple weeks to figure it out.

Posted at 11:50 am Feb 26, 2012 EST

Oh, this is a hard one for me! I've written one and it's with an editor to see what she can do with it. It's really hard for me to write things down about myself and try not to sound stupid. I felt like I was tooting my own horn. Guess a statement is one of the evils that we must do to let people know about who we are. I'd much rather just paint! :-)

Posted at 12:16 am Feb 27, 2012 EST

Funny Gayle! I have started penning mine and I am running into the same things that you are!

That article I read (I"ll post the link) made a good point--writing down your target market, goals, any personal statements, and why you paint are critical to development.

I love to just paint, but then I find myself wildly grabbing at any subject. Right now for me, writing about me and my art is more difficult than painting!

Posted at 2:02 pm Feb 28, 2012 EST

Hello! For me writing and painting goes hand in hand. When I was younger I had a phase where I wrote a lot and drew less, then it switched around. Now I can't see them apart :-) I have a background in Sociology and Human Resources before I took the plunge to be an illustrator, so looking into an artist statement, my goals and work methods etc. only makes sense.

I have no art degree and I was still a master sociology student when I started blogging and shared the news of quitting my 2nd study on my blog. The support I got was amazing, so for me it is important to be as transparent as I can as an artist. Your network grows with you and sharing a peek in how you work and your believes only makes the audience feel a part of your world. I found out that people are genuinely curious and interested in the artist behind the art. In a way my entire blog and my column are diaries, but I am planning to write " my story" down and give more insight in a few subjects. Hopefully it inspires aspiring artists to chase their dreams no matter what road they traveled ^_^.

Posted at 5:43 pm Apr 6, 2012 EDT

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