The Etsy Revolution Anhyone else new here? So glad to be part of this fun team!

Who can join?

The Etsy Revolution has the following requirements:

1. You dance to the beat of your own drummer.
2. Lover & supporter for unique, handmade/vintage items.
3. Looking for a fun community of like-minded Etsians.

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Original Post

Tika from hoopedNYC says

Thank you for the opportunity. Although I joined last year, I have only recently started to dive into the greatness of Etsy. Loving every moment and looking forward to discovering everyone here.

Here are two recent treasuries that I had fun pulling together. Enjoy and say hi, please :)

Posted at 1:33 pm Nov 8, 2011 EST


I've only been on since mid Aug. It is a mixed experience. I sometimes feel like it's just another computer game. Haven't sold anything for real yet, I suppose that it why.

Posted at 2:20 pm Nov 8, 2011 EST

Your treasuries are really nice ~ Good job!

Posted at 5:39 pm Nov 8, 2011 EST

I am new but have been keeping my 3 month old Grand Daughter so I haven't had time to get to know anyone yet or do any treasuries,,,jusst give ne time. I'm happy to be here. Hugs~Tawny

Posted at 9:01 pm Nov 8, 2011 EST

I'm new to the team and my shop has only been active for a few months, but so far it's been a great experience. It does require time and patience and a lot of networking and self-promotion. I'm excited to see who I meet in this group and how I can help further my shop and other's.

Posted at 11:20 pm Nov 8, 2011 EST

Huiyi Tan from huiyitan says
Edited on Nov 9, 2011

I've been in ETSY for less then 2 years, but just joined the team this week.

I list my handmade jewelry in Etsy. It's very nice to meet everyone here :)

Posted at 6:57 am Nov 9, 2011 EST

Hello! I'm new to this team, although not new to Etsy!

Posted at 10:37 am Nov 9, 2011 EST

I am new to this team, been on etsy awhile but just opened BuyBackYesterday about 6 weeks ago. Nice to meet everyone!

Posted at 5:54 pm Nov 10, 2011 EST

I just joined ths team as well and opened last year too, but just really started selling.
Hoping to do well this holiday season!

Posted at 6:00 pm Nov 10, 2011 EST

Ahoy There!
We're new to etsy, only been on here a few weeks and just getting into the swing of it! It's so versatile
Anyway....just wanted to say hello ^_^


Posted at 5:45 pm Nov 12, 2011 EST

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