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Just to jump in about title lengths - The 66 character title advice has been floating around lately (I think since everyone has tried out Shoptimizer...) and while Google places the most weight on the first 60-something characters of your titles, they can be as long as you want. Long titles are helpful in Etsy searches, but keep your most important keywords to the first 66 characters.
Definitely check out the Relevancy and SEO for All Etsy Shops Team - they give good advice there. SEO makes my eyes cross, though... :P

Posted at 11:52 pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

I have changed all of my titles but I did not count the characters. I have not noticed a great change in traffic. I think a few people used different key words which were not there before. I do not get views from google even though I have now been syndicated. I have had three from google since March. I did check out the links which Donna kindly gave me but it made my eyes cross as well. I will search for other SOE information on blogs etc which may be simpler to follow. Perhaps my prices are too high or maybe it is since the postage in the UK went up. Perhaps I should take some of the postage costs out of my profit.

Posted at 5:33 am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

Great point, Andrea!!

It was helpful to hear your suggestion-my titles are really long, but good to "hear" we should focus on the first 66 or so, but I think I am gonna leave them longer...for better or worse, you can only do so much!

Posted at 8:58 am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Donna Readler from DonnasEarthlyDelites says
Edited on Jun 21, 2012

I know what you mean, the SEO thread made my eyes cross too, at first! I think what helped me the most was actually sitting down and using Google's Keyword Search Tool, and after trying it a couple of times I got a much better feel for what they were talking about in the SEO Team. It is really helpful to know if anyone is actually searching the web using the keywords you have in your listings. Sometimes what we think should be the perfect search term for our item might not be so.

Posted at 10:33 am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

I just thought of this: Another thing I learned is that your shop title, section titles, and even your shop announcement all get searched, therefore are all good places to use your most important keywords as well.

For example Sue, your section "fibre art" could be changed to something like "felted wall art" or "felted wall hangings" or anything you think might be a better, more specific search term for someone searching for your items.

Just another avenue to explore...

Posted at 10:55 am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

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