Craft Gypsy Introducing: FRIDAY NIGHT SALES

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Original Post

ACAmour says

We are introducing FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIALS and want to give everyone a chance to prepare if they want to participate. It will be held in our LOH (Leaders of Handmade ) team . Anyone can participate, just join our LOH team.

What is the benefit? You get to run a short term sale, and we will be promoting that thread in our 3 biggest sisters teams (TT, AP and EOF, which has a combined member base of over 70K!!)

**** If you want to join in on the fun, the rules/info are as followed: ***

We are going to keep this very simple, but everyone must follow the same rules or they will be removed from the thread. We are striving for consistency for buyers looking to shop.

What is the FNS?

** ** A quick sale that starts on Friday night at 5pm (EST) and runs no later than Sat morning 6am (EST)

* Each seller decides their own sale (coupons codes, percent off, BOGO, free shipping etc)
* Each seller decides their own start/end time (BUT IT MUST FALL BETWEEN 5pm EST and end 6am EST on Sat)

What do you need to do?

* Put a notice in your shop so the buyers know what your sale is (when it starts/ends)

*Post your sale with the following format below

Your Shop Name
A one line description of what your shop sells

Your special for the night and if you're using a code as well as when your FNS will end (any time frame UP TO 6 a.m. Sunday EST/NY time, but no later).


Post any questions here, or let us know if you plan to participate! This thread will be updated on Friday with the link to the Handmade team thread!

Happy Sales!!!!

Posted at 7:20pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT