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Original Post

can someone decipher what a 'BNR treasury" might be? it's in the rules, so i feel like i should know what it is :).


Posted at 11:46am Oct 29, 2011 EDT


BNR stands for Buy and Replace. Basically if you buy an item featured in a BNR, one of your items replaces it. The treasuries always end up looking like a church yard sale, and in general it's just sort of a gross practice. To me, anyway.

Posted at 12:24pm Oct 29, 2011 EDT

I totally agree, such a gross desperate practice on Etsy that needs to die.

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 29, 2011 EDT

I've been invited to one and didn't understand the concept. It looks horrible. It seems if anything it would make your item look worse being surrounded by such random poorly photographed items.

Posted at 12:46am Oct 31, 2011 EDT

Exactly Marisa! Everything looks awful next to monogrammed toddler pageant pantyhose.

Posted at 9:10am Oct 31, 2011 EDT

Lesa from lesalikes says

I just bought some monogrammed toddler pageant pantyhose....sniff...I am sure I will be able to squeeze into them.

Posted at 8:25am Nov 1, 2011 EDT

HAH roffle.

Posted at 10:26am Nov 1, 2011 EDT

oh my goodness, i can tell this is going to be a fun team! ;)

Posted at 6:03pm Nov 2, 2011 EDT

I have to admit that I did participate in a couple when I was an Etsy virgin.... I didn't know any better what can I say?!?

The only good thing is that I got a pretty cool checkbook holder out of it, the bad was a soda cap necklace that I think I already threw away.

Posted at 6:36pm Nov 2, 2011 EDT