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Original Post

Sorry I have been neglectful of this team; Christmas was very busy for me this year! Lets all get to know each other a bit, and see what mutual goals we all have! I have been a knitter since I was a child, and knit in my own way, using patterns only as a visual aspect. I have recently taken up felting, needle felting, felting knits, and spinning. So far I am self taught (with the aid of Youtube videos and library books) and use a home-made drop spindle. I am looking to learn new techniques and share ideas, tutorials, and just to visit with people that have similar interests! What do you love to do, and what do you want to gain from this team?

Posted at 10:20pm Dec 29, 2011 EST


Hi Danielle....I'm new to the team and yes it has been a busy time of year for us all...so no apologies needed :)
I'm also self taught from YouTube videos too! It started when my boyfriend got an IPad to help me get a little more inspired with Internet and a little more computer savvy. Well, it worked! I've always loved arts and crafts and decided to try embroidery again. Well I picked up a used book that showed simple knitting projects to do and then embroider. I'm left handed and YouTube taught me how to start knitting. While looking for books on that, I kept seeing mentions of felting. Intrigued, I looked that up on YouTube and flipped for nuno and wet felting. I'm sooo hooked on that, I never looked back. I'm obsessed day and night with projects when a friend told me about etsy. Wow! I opened a store a couple months ago.
I quickly figured out that in southern Calif not much of anything deals in wool. I hoped with this group I could learn more about fiber fairs and for me, felting classes.
I didnt mean to ramble on, but one last, and very important thing to me is animal rights. It was important that the wool came from safe humane sources and that I could help support that.
I've met a great lady, Sandy Ryan at homesteadwoolandgift.com that has an animal sanctuary. I love getting my wool from her.
Again, I'm not usually this wordy...lol

Posted at 2:49am Jan 12, 2012 EST

Michelle, sounds fantastic! I am always learning new things..since I can't look at an item and wonder if I could do that too.... inspiration is everywhere! There are some great resources online for finding gift fairs and bazaars... where I live they are always going on, but it seems like I find out about them when it's too late for me to join! You could try this out: www.HolidayBazaarGuide.com I get it once a year. In your area I bet recycled silk would go well! It makes beautiful scarfs and headwraps, but is nice and light. Same with Bamboo silk, my newest love! So soft and smooth... Anyway, before I ramble on more, welcome to the group! Hopefully we will grow and help each other grow as well!

Posted at 5:05pm Jan 13, 2012 EST

I just discovered bamboo silk myself! Love it. I bought small amounts of dyed...not a very good job, but loved the bamboo. I bought 8 oz of plain white and dyed it myself. I'm just starting to use it.
Thanks for the welcome...

Posted at 2:33am Jan 20, 2012 EST

One thing I have just found out about bamboo silk: makes a lovely hat, does NOT make lovely slippers! It doesn't hold form well, and gets loose. Trial and error!!

Posted at 7:48pm Jan 20, 2012 EST

Hey, my name is Sarah. I have been knitting for about two years, but have really gotten into it the past few months. I love learning new skills with my needles. Right now I'm working on a very special pair of gloves (The first with fingers and a thumb I've done) for my husband as a Valentine's Day gift. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm thinking of felting them. Any suggestions on felting? I've never done it before, but I like the way it looks. Does it make your project bigger, or smaller?

Posted at 3:57pm Feb 1, 2012 EST

Hi Sarah...I was learning knitting when I started hearing about felting what you knit..There is lots of books. It gives it a fuzzy look and feel. Very cool!
Good luck..Pics would be great!

Posted at 2:02am Feb 2, 2012 EST

I love felting mittens! But I've only gotten as far as mitts with a thumb...I'm not patient enough for individual fingers! You definitly want to knit them big, felting shrinks down your work and takes away some of the flexibility. It makes for great mittens, they are durable, waterproof and retain heat well, but it may be difficult with the fingers. I made my hubby a pair of mittens with Fishermans wool, and I made them pop-tops. They are fingerless gloves, and a mitten top buttons onto them. That way he can use his fingers when need be, and cover them up when he doesn't. He has a circulation disorder, so he has to keep his fingers and toes warm all the time. Keep us posted on your progress!

I am working on felting a British Brigaide sweater I thrifted into a skirt and legwarmer set. I love felting thrift store sweaters and making them into things. Its also a good way to get a feel on how felting works without damaging any hardworked knits. You should try felting a few things before felting your gloves, even if its just a few swatches to get a good feel of the process.

Posted at 12:17pm Feb 2, 2012 EST

Wow Danielle. What great ideas for felting! I recently felted a handbag. It was a lot of work, but definitely paid off. I am hooked (pardon the pun lol) I can't wait to try and felt something else.

I recently opened my Etsy store with hats and accessories I love to create. I live in the Bay area of California, but use to live in Salem Oregon and Bellevue Washington. I am definitely a Northwestern at heart.

Posted at 7:50pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

Lara your stuff is great! I just learned how to crochet and am totally addicted. So now I knit, crochet and felt...next is needle felting and nuno felting.....

Posted at 11:35pm Feb 11, 2012 EST

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