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Original Post

I'm working on starting the garden (and having fun with it), although I haven't crocheted since this heat wave started.

And my spouse got my Skyrim with her performance bonus! Damn, that pulls you in.

Tell us! :)

Posted at 7:07 pm Mar 22, 2012 EDT


I'm also putting in my garden. I also have a new part time job as webmaster at a non profit that brings writers to inner city schools and doing graphics for a documentary film about suicide. All keeping me way too busy. I'm hoping to start making woodcuts and linoleum blockprints, as I started out as a printmaker, and tho I have lots of drawings, I can't seem to break the ice.

Posted at 4:06 pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT

Gardens are great, aren't they?

I have 200 little seedlings going right now, and they're growing like mad. I need to work on putting more stuff up at my shop, though. I have stuff ready, but the pictures are a PITA, heh.

Posted at 2:18 pm Apr 5, 2012 EDT

What Spring? It is snowing here today. Our garlic is up in the garden and a few herbs are starting to show, but it looks like another year of cool rainy weather into summer. Our growing season will likely be short. I'm still working with "winter fibers" and have a couple of things ready to put into the shop in a few days. Regards to all....

Posted at 1:28 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT

A car hit me and hurt my foot while I was walking to the post office, so I can't do much gardening (or walking around, for that matter.) But the "good news" is, I've had time to get more serious about my Etsy shop-- I added all kinds of new stuff to it!

Posted at 3:40 pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT

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