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Original Post

The real true reason is that I've spent much of the past few months in a rather nasty flare. Fibromyalgia kicks your ass when there are weather changes, and there have been a lot of them in Maine lately. (In fact, there's one going on now!)

However, I have great news. I have gotten in to see a doctor who had no qualms about me being a self-pay patient (polite way to say no insurance). And now my treatment plan is back on track, and in a few days I'll fully feel the effects of the medications I'd had to give up, and I'll be fully myself again!

The only sad thing was that I was and is already on the max dose of my Mobic (the med that does the most for keeping my hands supple, and crochet is hell with swollen joints.

And I have a garden to plan! I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer season, as well as more time communication with the group.

Oh, if you want to hear about my little appointment,http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/23/1085885/-Finally-a-full-doctor-s-visit-! Feel free to browse or ignore, I was writing on a wave of pure squee. :D

Posted at 9:16pm Apr 24, 2012 EDT


Feel better soon. :((

Posted at 4:27pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Take care of yourself, Lorelei!

Posted at 2:04pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT