Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team Twitter names: Post yours!

Who can join?

Etsy Virtual Bridal Show Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

NOTE: While we are taking new requests for membership, we are focusing on expanding our smaller categories: Shoes, Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridal Lingerie, DIY, Flower Girl Dresses, and Ring Bearer Clothing. We are full to overflowing in all other categories.

We are taking new requests for membership at this time, but space is limited to a maximum of 500 shops. Please continue to submit requests for membership and your request will be reviewed. With a goal of 500 members combined with those featured in the show, but not on the team it would become difficult if some limits weren't placed on numbers. We also require our shops to agree to a few rules, which are explained in the message sent when you request membership. First and foremost, this is a team committed to excellent customer service, communication and order fulfillment to our customers. We are creating a team and show that couples can feel confident that we will not add to the stress of their already stressful day. We expect all of our members to abide by a 100% order fulfillment policy. It takes a lot of work to put the show together as Belle Memorie is a one-person blog. Thanking you in advance for your understanding. -Kristen

Shops with wedding appropriate items are welcome to join be it traditional, vintage, goth, or hippie. We are looking for a well-rounded team that appeals to the widest variety of couples.

Please be sure to have items in your store or submit pics of past items so that we can see where you would fit in the show. If you don't have items in your shop, we are unable to consider your shop for membership. If members of the team do not have items in their shops when the show posts, we cannot feature you in the current show. We have a variety of categories from gowns to favors and beyond.

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Original Post

As with the Facebook pages, those of you who have Twitter names that reflect your shop, post yours so that we can all follow you! Here is mine: @bellememorie

Twitter is a great way to let your fans and customers know about new products, sales, etc. If you don't have one, get one!


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