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Original Post

I am looking into buying a Babe Bulky Delta Flyer Pinkie wheel, boy doesn't she have a lengthy name? Having not spoken to many people who actually own a wheel here in South Dakota, I was wondering what you lot enjoy spinning on.

Posted at 5:43 pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT


I actually have an antique flax spinning wheel and I love it! It only needed a bit of fixing, but other wise it spins wonderfully. So far it's the only spinning wheel I've tried spinning on.

Posted at 8:45 pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Thats really cool! I adore the wooden wheels and as with everything the older the better. But I am afraid I might put the poor thing through a beating it can't handle. I've moved once already this year and four times last year (including once internationally!)

I'm going to sound dumb here maybe but I researched on flax wheels a little, but I couldn't find out what the difference between a flax wheel and a normal wheel. Do you know?

Posted at 9:50 pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

There isn't really much of a difference that I can really tell. I've actually spun just about everything, but flax on my wheel. The only real difference I can think of is since it was an antique it was just intended for flax at the time.

If a spinning wheel is well made it could probably handle a good beating. I figure since mine is possibly from 1800's it seems to have held up well. Maybe a traveling spinning wheel would be best for you if you tend to move often. Plus they take up less space then normal wheel.

Posted at 9:34 am Jun 11, 2012 EDT

Annie from etsybtsy says

Antique/flax wheels will have a very tiny orifice, making it difficult, if not impossible to spin bulky yarn or art yarn.

I use a Louet S17 because it happened to be the favorite one in the spinning shop. I took two classes to try out all of the wheels available and happened to like that one best.

I'm picking up an Ashford Traditional and an unknown name castle style wheel tomorrow. I'm eager to try both of them out now that I've been using my Louet for so long.

Posted at 9:47 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

I love the look of antique wheels but the tiny orifice instantly crosses it off the list for me. I like spinning my fair share of lace weight and traditional yarns, but my heart belongs to the funky!

Wow, I just googled the Louet S17 and its a very sleek wheel! I am in mourning that I couldn't buy a wooden wheel right now. My lifestyle and budget is more suited to a babe, plus I adore their orifice style. My heart on the other hand isn't so practical and yearns for something beautiful! :) Overall I can't wait to open my Babe tomorrow as the tracker says its sitting in my local post office as we speak!

How did you manage to come across two lovely wheels in one day, now there is luck! I hope you enjoy spinning on both!

Posted at 12:31 am Jun 15, 2012 EDT

I love antique wheels, but as others have already said, they tend to have tiny orifices, so I switched to modern wheels. I own an Ashford Traditional with a jumbo flyer, which was a Christmas gift from my husband, my dad and my two best friends, and I later bought a Kromski Sonata, also with a jumbo flyer. I used to love the Ashford wheel, but since I am a lot faster on the Kromski, I always use that. I never thought I'd be comfortable with a double treadle wheel, but it's actually only a matter of getting used to. Also, the Kromski is collapsable, so I can take it on spinning meetings and such (though it's still big and heavy, nothing I'd want to take with me on vacation unless I have a car with much room).

I still have a cute little old wheel, not antique, though (I think it's from the early 20th century, but I am not sure), and I don't use it because I can't really spin art yarn on it, but I can't bear to give it away....

Posted at 1:50 pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT

Annie from etsybtsy says

I love reading about everyone's wheels and their spinning stories!

Grace, there was an ad put up on CL that someone crossposted on a group on Ravelry. I was actually looking for a used drum carder or hand cards. The ad showed these two wheels and all the extras for such an inexpensive price, I couldn't turn them away.

So we drove into PA for 3.5 hours. It actually took longer than that because we had to go through two detours and several traffic and construction sites.

By the time we got there, I was exhausted and with a headache. We ate some dinner and it got dark.

On the way back, we were in NY by now on a main road that was heavily wooded....and we HIT AN ADULT BEAR.

My car is in the body shop right now and I have to pay my insurance deductible. So these wheels ended up costing much more than what they were listed for! Thankfully my BF and myself are ok, but my car is not. I hope the bear made it, but we hit it very hard and it went back into the woods.

Posted at 10:38 am Jun 17, 2012 EDT

HOLY COW! What a trip! I hope the bear is okay as well, and I'm glad you and the man are alive. Your car, well... I hope it makes a fully recovery or it leaves you much money in it's will. :)

Have you tried out the wheels or no? I don't imagine you had alot of time to just sit about spinning after all of that.

On a side note though, I use a hackle, have you tried one for blending fibers? I adore mine and it was a DIY with nails and a board, uber easy. Blue Mountain Handcrafts offers a hackle that I modeled mine after. Much cheaper than a drumcarder. Mine is the bomb for both smooth blends and textured art yarn blends. :)

Posted at 1:55 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

What a brilliant thread! I love hearing about other peoples wheels, I guess Im just really nosy. :0))
Mine is a kromski prelude which I've only had for a couple of months but I absolutely love it, It's not so big it fills up our cottage & it has a regular & jumbo flyer for those knobbly yarns. Apparently the mother of all can rotate to make it semi portable but I've found it quite fiddly to do so far. It looks very like an antique wheel in style & I think the walnut stain makes it look really vintage.
Grace, that's such a great idea for a hackle! I've been despairing for ages that I really needed a drum carder but couldn't ever afford one, I've bought six wide afro combs that i'm going to screw onto a piece of wood, hopefully it'll work, I'll keep you posted!

Posted at 3:34 pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT

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