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Folks who follow earth based spiritual paths or are pagan friendly ~ I won't make a list, because I'm sure I will leave someone out - anyway, you know who you are ;0)

PLEASE Introduce yourself in the Merry Meet Discussion - Please DO NOT create a separate thread to introduce yourself - as our group grows it's important to me that people don't have to scroll and scroll to find member introductions - thanks

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Original Post

Started this thread to introduce myself, please feel free to do the same.
I am born again pagan since 1989. Follow a wiccan, celtic, native american
& green witch path. I am know as Annova Moon or Annova 'ela Moon which
means the new earth moon. I've been on Etsy for 2.5 years now. I had several
brick and mortar stores in the 90's but found it very tiring to deal with the general public every day. I'm rather empathic so it was a challenge for me. I luv selling online!

Posted at 2:56pm Nov 20, 2011 EST

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Annova Moon says
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Thanks to everyone for introducing yourself - we have grown to over 500 now :0) Blessed Be

Posted at 9:05am May 7, 2014 EDT


Hello! My name is Jamie and my Etsy shop is "Witchy Retro". There you can find vintage and hand-altered costumes of all sorts, lovely vintage clothing and accessories, as well as strange and fun vintage items I just can't pass up. I also make crowns and hairpieces for the seasons. I'm also a collector of vintage pagan and divination tools, and from to time I offer those in the shop as well. I recently moved from New Orleans back to my native northern California and am enjoying being back in the land of mountains, ocean, deserts, and valleys. Thanks for having me!

Posted at 7:25pm Nov 20, 2011 EST

I'm Laurelei Black. My life-partner, Natalie, and I work on the products for Blade and Broom Botanica together. Our daughter helps, too! I'm a writer with Asteria Books (, and I have been a Witch since the age of 21 (Spring Equinox 1997). I've had the etsy shop for a while, but we only started doing something with it a couple of months ago. Thanks for inviting me/us to the team!

Posted at 7:42pm Nov 20, 2011 EST

Hi everyone! I am an earth - loving, Goddess worshipping witch. I'm also the lead singer for the band "Deeper Ground". I'm currently writing two witchy books in a series that I'm very excited about. I love to read Tarot cards. I learned how while my husband drove a semi-truck for four years and I rode along with him. I would study Tarot sometimes for 8 hours a day.

You can get to know me better through my Fanpage at:!/pages/EarthMother195/300877093258931

Feel free to write something cool on my wall there!

See my band at:

And tweet with me at:!/gypziwtch

Blessed Be! - Gypsywitch

Posted at 10:00am Nov 21, 2011 EST

Good idea Angela...I'll add my twitter and facebook here too!

Posted at 11:15am Nov 21, 2011 EST

Hi everyone! I'm here mainly because within the last year or so I've done a lot of research and felt a really strong conection with all things naturous and energy vibing! I am very interested in the healing properties of various stones. I've been a nature baby all my life and am finally getting in tune with the energies given off by such. Thanks so much. I look forward to learning from you all!

Posted at 1:53pm Nov 22, 2011 EST

Hello! I;m Sarah, or Kirrashi, (Or jsut Kira) and I want to see what etsy teams are all about... I'm pretty new to selling on etsy, although I've been shopping on it for a long time. I've always been a crafter, and while my personal beliefs tend to get quite confusing I respect all paths.

Posted at 5:42pm Nov 22, 2011 EST

Merry Meet, my name is Genna. My shop is JadedAlchemy. I am an Eclectic Witch with my foundations in Celtic Wicca. I have been practicing since officially since Beltane 1994, though I studied on my own for nearly 6 years before that.

Posted at 10:07am Nov 23, 2011 EST

Hello One and All! Newbie here. Pagan friendly, too. Once upon a time, I had a pagan help me whilst in a spiritually bad place (about 12 years ago). I consider myself a "Pathfinder" with Universalist, Buddhist, Taoist, and Sufi tendencies/belief system.

Its my plan to have my etsy shop up in about a month (yes, I will miss the holiday season). My shop is "Karl's Didgeridoo Shack." I make, of course, didgeridoos and also 100% botanical-based incense.

Peace and Respects


Posted at 12:19pm Nov 23, 2011 EST

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