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Original Post

My latest blog post is about my goals for my Etsy (and my shinies in general) for 2012.

What are your plans and objectives this year?


I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 10:48pm Jan 5, 2012 EST


My latest blog post is about revamping a few salvaged items (thrifted and post-Holiday clearance) to use as displays at an event.


I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 9:17pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

I just blogged about The Scrap Box, a community-based creative re-use program collecting post-manufacturing material donations for recycling by artists and educators (with a list of links to similar programs by state and province).


I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 9:44am Jan 28, 2012 EST

My latest blog entries have been about my various forays to antique and flea markets in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. I love finding odd and interesting bits at the markets and have taken to bringing my camera with me to record the things that do not end up coming home with me.

June 3rd at the Kane County Antiques Market

June 17th at the Miller Park Flea Market

June 24th at the Elkhorn Antiques Market


I'm also find-able at:

Posted at 6:40pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

I have come across a great blog that for those of you who are of size be it fat thin tall short straight gay black white, etc you can relate to... I know the author and have a hunch they will be posting more about crafting, but it talks a lot about feminism and is kinda in your face about stuff but talks alot about the issues we are scared to even bring up - but in a way that makes ya laugh in a way. It has explicit content granted and can be offenseive at first but read with a open mind and try it out if ya dont like it ya dont no offense but wanted to share .... http//

Posted at 1:22am Jul 19, 2012 EDT

I just posted a tutorial for creating a display bowl out of fused plastic toy figures. I had seen a related project a while ago...and figured out a better (and safer) way to do it.



I'm also find-able at:


Posted at 11:35pm Mar 31, 2013 EDT