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Anyone who is interested in adding exercise into thier daily routine be it a 15 minute walk or an hour at the gym. If you are interested in eating a little healthier, finding or sharing recipes and tips. Looking for general support in your health goals.

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Original Post

What is that one thing that you just have to have and can't even think about giving up?!

Mine is chocolate and wine!!!! (okay thats 2 but I can't help it I love them both!!)

Posted at 8:02pm Dec 8, 2011 EST


oh! I love both of those too!

but my extreme weakness??? bottom cookies, cake, et...

no wonder I have gone from a size 6 to a 10 and more of a 12...ugh...

but I have cut back on sugar in my coffee or in my hot tea....2 level tsps instead of 4 heaping tsp of sugar....

guess I should weigh in (again...been a few weeks)....but I know that it is my seditary life...forgive spelling...

Posted at 1:33am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Arial from thehoopingmushroom says
Edited on Dec 9, 2011

My weaknesses are chocolate, cakes, and salty foods like cheez-its!

let's not forget cheesecake o:

Posted at 6:48am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Mary from TangoBrat says


I so easily will reach for a slice of bread and smear peanut butter on it.

Posted at 2:09pm Dec 9, 2011 EST

Oh, gosh, or some honey buttered rolls?? I just love them!

Posted at 2:22pm Dec 9, 2011 EST

Mary, if the bread is whole grain and the peatnut butter is all natural then that makes for a pretty healthy snack.

Posted at 2:23pm Dec 9, 2011 EST

Mary from TangoBrat says

I hate all natural peanut butter. LOL

gotta be Skippy

Posted at 2:54pm Dec 9, 2011 EST

I love the Lindt Dark Chocolate bars! They are very hard to find so I have settled for the "bag" of Dark Chocolate Truffles! They are quite popular this time of year!!

I wonder if I only eat 1 will a fifteen minute walk work it off??

Posted at 4:08pm Dec 10, 2011 EST

I love lindt chocolate!!!

Posted at 4:37pm Dec 10, 2011 EST

I drank a bottle of wine on Friday, and I loved every last drop of it!!

Posted at 6:19pm Dec 12, 2011 EST

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