Eating healthy exercising and balancing Etsy support team Resolutions?!?!

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Anyone who is interested in adding exercise into thier daily routine be it a 15 minute walk or an hour at the gym. If you are interested in eating a little healthier, finding or sharing recipes and tips. Looking for general support in your health goals.

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Original Post

Does anybody have any resolutions they would like to share? Be it Etsy related or health related?

I'm going to Disney in March so for now my resolution is to shed a few pounds before then. Enough so I feel comfortable in my summer clothes!

Anyone else?

Posted at 2:00 pm Dec 30, 2011 EST


I guess my resolution is to lose about 5 or ten pounds, and start getting out and moving more.

I also aim to be more environmentally friendly, to be nicer and more approachable, and to be more productive in general.

But these are all resolutions that I am learning to aim for every day. :-)

Posted at 2:01 pm Dec 31, 2011 EST

I am going to start walking again and doing Wii fit. I'm also considering giving up dairy. I did a couple of years ago for a time and lost 15 lbs in addition to the already mentioned exercises and really paying attention to what I was eating.

Posted at 10:22 pm Feb 20, 2012 EST

well, what I said and what I did...sighs...but got to get back on track...there are some free videos on line that I do like to do when I am in the mood to exercise...but that is the problem...doing and being in the mood at the same time...
back to the chalk board...guess everyone else is the same way eh?

Posted at 1:29 pm Mar 9, 2012 EST

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