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Original Post

Beth from Miriboheme says

Hey all! I'm running into some difficulty keeping up with photographing my scarves. I use live models. I LOVE the way the photos look on my page, but it's becoming more and more complicated to set up shoots, especially because I can't pay my models and I work full time.

What do you all think about using dress forms or mannequins?

Posted at 3:27pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT


i use a mannaquin, and i LOVE her, she makes taking pictures so much easier!

Posted at 7:40pm Jul 29, 2012 EDT

Beth from Miriboheme says

MISTY! Thank you so much for replying! I went ahead and bought a mannequin. Named her Blanche. And I love her, too! I think I'm going to mix it up with live models and my dear Blanche for awhile and see how it goes.

Posted at 8:56am Jul 30, 2012 EDT

Beth from Miriboheme says

Your shop looks great, btw!

Posted at 8:56am Jul 30, 2012 EDT

Any suggestions on where to find a mannequin?

Posted at 10:16am Sep 13, 2012 EDT

Beth from Miriboheme says

I bought mine on ebay, Amy.

Posted at 12:15pm Sep 13, 2012 EDT

I have used a dress form in the past. Iron your scarves (if they are silk) and shine a good light on them. It looks fine depending on what kind of tie or "pose" you do. If you're doing head scarves, you could use a melon for that.

Posted at 8:48pm Sep 21, 2012 EDT