DIVERSITY Makers Members

Who can join?

DIVERSITY Makers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

To make things run smoothly, here are the TEAM RULES


-Your entrance request will be putted on a test, if your're not participating on the team, polite and respectful to other members you may get removed. (trial period is 3 months)

-We need participating people, not only a bunch of members

- You dont have to be gay to be part of the team, but you're not then should at least have five or more items on your shop that supports the GLBT community!

- Introduce yourself when you join.
- Actively Participate in Discussions, challenges and Team Treasures.
- Try encourage other members and be kind with your comments, share your tips and tricks.....
- Vist the shops of your team mates and show support! if you like an item of their shop try include it on your favorites for people in your circle to see it!

- Before you try to make some new thread theme, first see if some already existed. Most of the actual threads were made to cover all kind of subjects!
- Please DO NOT open new threads for general or individual questions as these threads just get buried under all the 'usual' threads.

- If it's possible any members should make at least 1 treasury per month including 6 team members and others that choose. Not required, but it's for our promotion so will be good to make it like this....
- Post the link to your treasury to the Discussion wall or send a kind convo to your featured sellers to let them know about your T...
- Show Gratitude, comment and click in one item when you visit team treasures.
- Never put your own items in your own treasuries

- Be friendly & courteous at all times to other members, treat everyone with respect ... No profanity is allowed. Please be sweet! yes, we're human and sometimes we lose control!, think twice before posting something nasty or start a fight between members! -no nasty comments will be allowed!

***Members who do not follow these rules will be removed.

If any questions, issues, concerns... contact the team's captain!

Any shop that sells handmade craft and art, or anything for the LGBT community / Anyone that puts his heath and mind in the right place to create / Open Minded people / no Homophobics allowed!

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