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Original Post

If you have a supadupa account already, post the link so we can see your progress!

Mine is inactive at this moment but "private" is the passcode to view only.

Posted at 1:19 am Dec 9, 2011 EST


AngelElements says
Edited on Dec 9, 2011


(under construction but ready to rock-n-roll)

Posted at 1:22 am Dec 9, 2011 EST
Not open yet, still private while I figure it all out

Posted at 2:30 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Glad to have you with us dirtygirl. Update us when your shop is open so that we can see it

Posted at 9:42 am Dec 9, 2011 EST Work in progress. Wish they had a Etsy importer.

Posted at 10:11 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Kathy they do! You can go down to the bottom of your page and click the help/support button. Then search for etsy in the topics listed. It will tell u how

Posted at 10:14 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

I would have Linked you directly to it But I am on my phone And have an 8 week old baby in my arms. Lol

Posted at 10:15 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Kathy They do! -

Go to your ADMIN page: your shop url/admin

Click on PRODUCTS tab - and you will see a light button that says imprt item next to the new product button

Posted at 10:19 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

Found the etsy importer thanks!

Posted at 11:07 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

AngelElements says
Edited on Dec 9, 2011

Your welcome! Thanks for helping Kathy too kawaii!

Posted at 11:08 am Dec 9, 2011 EST

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