Etsy Shoppers and Shop Owners Treasury chain game

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Etsy Shoppers and Shop Owners has the following requirements:

Anyone who enjoys shopping, window shopping, discovering new shops, networking, making treasuries and promoting each other!
Also, anyone who is looking to increase the traffic to their own shop!

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Original Post

Anyone up for a new round of treasury chain game?? If you have any suggestions regarding the rules and the round, kindly post here. DO NOT POST UR TREASURIES HERE, PLEASE!!

Posted at 10:30am Jul 24, 2012 EDT


Just pushing this up so its not missed.

Posted at 12:41pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT

Just back from Prague tonight! Now catching up with etsy - I would be interested in signing up again. I really enjoyed the last round.

Posted at 5:35pm Jul 26, 2012 EDT

Hi, I'm new here, what's involved?

Posted at 5:40pm Jul 26, 2012 EDT

Thanks Alison, hope u had a pleasant trip!

@Coco, it involves a group of people who make treasuries for one of the participants for a certain period of time (about a day or two) in a chain. We have had two rounds. The first one was with 16 participants where we promoted one shop every time. The remaining 15 participants had to make treasuries featuring one item from the shop under promotion.
The second round had almost 60 participants where 15 people made treasuries for the shop under promotion and the others promoted these treasuries by clicking and commenting on them.

Posted at 11:28am Jul 27, 2012 EDT

How do I get involved in this?

Posted at 9:16am Jul 28, 2012 EDT

Ok we will have a sign up for the new round now. Once we get a good number of participants, we will discuss the rules of the game.

So here's the sign up:


Posted at 9:41am Jul 28, 2012 EDT

Anyone else??

Posted at 12:31am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Seems to be quite quiet at the moment - the holiday season and, of course, the Olympics!

Posted at 8:26am Aug 1, 2012 EDT

Can i join please?
Very excited about these games :)

Posted at 9:57am Aug 1, 2012 EDT