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Original Post

Happy June everyone! I hope you had a wonderful May. We have a lot of new members participating on the boards and I want to take a moment to welcome you all!

This month I'm hoping to see more Show and Tell! Please do feel free to share your new products, projects and ask if you need some opinions. Remember even if you're new to Etsy you are an artist, a creator, and an entrepreneur so don't be afraid to engage in a conversation, or start a new thread. Team OLL is not just a resource for new sellers but we're also a community here to support each other.

I'm wishing everyone a wonderful and successful June!

Posted at 10:02 am Jun 3, 2012 EDT


I'm working on a wholesaler client in Atlanta! It's a recycled product gift shop that seems to do well, so here's to hoping things work out :)

New Items (mostly star wars):

Projects: Next week is ArtWalk and I've got a feature at a record store/radio station (pretty cool how they are in the same building).

That is about it... Hope everyone is having a great start to the month! :)

Posted at 10:39 am Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Megha Silvano from Sophistica says
Edited on Jun 4, 2012

Thanks Stephanie!

I know have been missing from the team a lot in the past few days, I see that a lot is happening, OLL is expanding..YAY.... and Welcome new members:)

I have been so absent as we would soon be moving to a new house, so I am all caught up in the excitement and preps, I'll be having a craft room in new home so I'm super excited abt it :D, I will be back soon in full form!

As for now I'm just renewing and keeping the shops going, no regular blogging or treasury making all other things are on hold for now.

Hope things will settle down soon for me, all the best to everyone for the coming month.

Good luck Tyler, for your new projects!


Posted at 12:34 pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Hey everyone!!

I too have been MIA around here - busy busy busy with my new job, Sarah's birthday, and my brother's graduation. I've been doing a teeny bit of creating here and there; I think I'll wait til I have a few items to list and then do the photos, etc all in one day. I have so many labs I missed too that I have to catch up on!!

I'm so glad to have all these new members on the team!! It's great to have a few people to bounce ideas around with and ask for advice!!

Megha - congrats on the new house and the craft room!! I have to admit I'm a bit jealous!! :D

Tyler - hope that wholesale account works out! Those new products look amazing - mobiles are a great idea!!

Hope everyone is doing well, I probably won't have time to check in again until sometime next week.

Ta-ta for now,
Kayla :D

Posted at 7:04 pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT

Hey Everyone! Hopefully everyone is in good health, so far I haven't given birth yet (due in July) which allows me to blow full steam ahead with new items. I've decided to give my woodburning tool a break and just do something totally different and go with hand carving my own rubber stamps. Just a few I've been working on:

June has started out as a very slow month for me in the "crafting" area because I'm almost about to birth out a human being which has left me fatigue most of the day and night. Hopefully I get sales going, as to everyone else here! Good luck! I wish everyone the best month of June!

Posted at 4:32 am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Great to hear from you Megha and Kayla. Congrats Megha, on the new house and Kayla I hope your new job goes well!!! Very exciting stuff :)

Tyler two big thumbs up on the wholesale deal, that is great! Cheers to you and I hope it is the start of many new brick and mortar deals. LOVE the new additions. You're a clever one!

Lovely, CONGRATS on the new baby to be! Very exciting!! And I love the stamps thank you for sharing!

Posted at 10:10 am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Thanks Kayla and Stephanie:)

Kayla, hope you are enjoying your new job!

Finally I have some time for Etsy, I made a few Ts today, it felt so good...I made one after weeks I think.

We are in Houston till Saturday, hubby has to work from here and so I have all the time in the hotel to hop around on Etsy.
Once we get back there are still a few things to be done before we move.

So this week I'm just chilling out...hope to see everyone in today's lab!

Posted at 1:53 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

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