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Original Post

My name is Robi. I am owned by seven cats, one dog, one horse and a snake. I live at 7200 feet in the mountains of Southern Nevada. I have three Etsy shops--the one I joined under which is mainly crocheted clothing, a jewelry shop(Nevadawoods) and a bridal shop(newly opened)bridal on a budget. I've been on Etsy since Dec. 2007. I decided to get more involved in Etsy online teams. I LOVE cats, so it makes sense to join this one. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

Posted at 12:02 am Jun 25, 2012 EDT


Hello, Robi! Welcome to the team =^-^=

Posted at 8:43 pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT

Welcome, Robi!

I am pretty new here too!

Posted at 9:15 pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT

Hi, Robi! Welcome!

Wow, that's a lot of animals!

Posted at 9:04 pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT

Hi Robi!! What species of snake do you have? (A non-cat question, but I'm interested!)

Posted at 10:52 pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the welcome. Three of my cats are ones that just showed up because people abandoned them. Only four of my cats live in my house. I have turned over the garage to the three foundlings. My snake is a corn snake. She is very pretty and has marking on her like patterns on Indian pottery. She is orange and white. When I first got her, she was in a little tupperware. Now she is four feet long.She was actually my younger daughter's snake, but I ended up with the snake. She is very gentle and has helped many get over their fear of snakes.It's kind of sad that our cats don't live much past 16 (if we are especially lucky) but this snake has the potential to live past 30 years!!!!

Posted at 3:36 am Jun 28, 2012 EDT

Welcome Robi :-) Wow, 7200 ft. elevation! I'm at sea level! What a difference!

Posted at 3:06 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Welcome Robi, I just joined as well. I only have 2 cats at the moment as my condo's rules only allow 2 :(. My avatar is Caesar and if you look at my shop, you will see my other kitty, Ben. My boys.

Posted at 5:40 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Welcome Robi!

Posted at 1:31 am Jul 14, 2012 EDT

I just joined! Welcome cat lovers!

Posted at 10:13 am Jul 18, 2012 EDT

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