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Original Post

Just made one featuring two of my teams - cats and vintage! www.etsy.com/treasury/ODYwOTc1NnwxNDkzNzUzMDg2/vintage-kitties

Posted at 12:53am Dec 12, 2011 EST


I make Treasuries, too!
Maybe I can find an old one for an example.

Posted at 10:19am Dec 13, 2011 EST

I loved your collection of vintage cat items. It was rather fascinating, actually.
The cookie cutters caught me by surprise- I had never thought of cat cookie cutters!

Posted at 10:21am Dec 13, 2011 EST

Maru from MaruKenney says

Good idea CatNip and Jennifer!

Feline friends,
Post your treasuries!!!

Posted at 6:35pm Dec 14, 2011 EST

Here's a new one! www.etsy.com/treasury/ODYwOTc1NnwxNTQ4NjEwMDI0/perchance-to-dream

Jennifer, you need to put teamkitty on your cat beds!

Posted at 11:00pm Dec 16, 2011 EST

Oh yeah! I do need to add the tag. As soon as I have time!

Posted at 12:27pm Dec 17, 2011 EST