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Original Post

Crystal MacDonald from GlitterandSunshine says
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Check it out:

Posted at 1:57am Dec 28, 2011 EST


Each week, I’m using CraftCult to create clickable image widgets in my blog for all of the treasuries that my work has been included in for that week. Please come visit and give them some love if you’re so inclined!


I’m also find-able at:

Posted at 9:22pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

check out my latest treasured list of items calle I HEART ROMA! or what i like to say "Italians do it Better"!!
my latest treasury called :

Elegance is in the Italian blood.Fashion is almost a national passion, and to see the latest trends one need only glance around the various piazzas, restaurants and streets.

Posted at 8:39pm Jan 22, 2012 EST

check out naughty nauticals -->
my latest treasury on Etsy!

While ships are considered female, and many vessels have stylish, feminine lines, some girls like to be more of a trampsteamer than a sleek, ocean going yacht!

Posted at 5:27pm Jan 25, 2012 EST