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Shiny Happy People is a moderated team with the following requirements:

If you have an open and stocked Etsy Shop that follows the rules for selling on Etsy, we would love you to join us! Being Shiny and Happy is a bonus but we don't expect you to keep it up 24/7!

Our aim is to help and promote each other via the usual promotional games, Treasuries and social media campaigns. We also offer informational threads where you can learn about photography, SEO, etc. We also chat a lot. We are a very friendly bunch!

Please make sure your Favourites are not set to “private”. We need you to spread the word when you click that “heart” button!


We don't do the BNR and BNS type Treasuries in this Team.

We do not approve of resellers. (Supplies and vintage are fine, of course).

We do not approve of copyright or trademark infringement.

We do not approve of “spamming”. You must abide by the rules of each thread and post accordingly.

Please do not start your own threads. If you think of a good idea, we have a Suggestions Thread for you to post in.

If you like the sound of all the above, click the “apply” button and we'll see you soon!

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Original Post

Have something new, post it here so we can keep track of this!

Posted at 12:30 pm Dec 18, 2011 EST


Hey! You've got a tealight with my initial on it!
How cool :-)
By the way: very welcome in this group, very much like your shop, especially the re-using and environmentally sound idea behind it!
I believe it is all those single efforts combined that will make a change, very happy to have you here!

Posted at 1:50 pm Dec 18, 2011 EST

Oooh Kat!!
I adore this one!

Posted at 12:28 pm Dec 21, 2011 EST

Unfortunately I don't have anything new listed......but had to let everyone know how wonderful their pieces are!!! Are we an awesome team or what???

Posted at 9:29 pm Dec 21, 2011 EST

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