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Original Post

Does anyone know where they can be obtained?? I looked on ebay but alot of them are like $100.

Has anyone ever created backgrounds??

Posted at 11:02am May 6, 2012 EDT


I'm not sure exactly what you mean?

Personally any time I need to photo my doll with an item, I just throw a nice blanket (simple pattern or solid) and put her on that. I've also used my new couch as a background.

When I photo small items, I just use a scrapbook page as a background.

Posted at 7:37pm May 6, 2012 EDT

The American Girl doll scenes that come in a large book format. There is one for Samantha, Molly, Addy and I think there was one for Kirsten. You could open the book up and it created a scene, like a schoolroom, a kitchen, or living room to use for the doll.

Posted at 6:38am May 7, 2012 EDT

You could do digital transfer on fabric of pictures or muslin use paint, crayon make your own scene.You could google instructions for all the above.

Posted at 11:47am May 7, 2012 EDT

Oh neat! I didnt' know those existed. Personally, I'd probably just by one of those Tri-fold presentation boards and create my own with images or by paint if you have that skill.

Posted at 4:54pm May 7, 2012 EDT

Kristi, those trifold boards I got at Walmart for about $3
I tried painting on one before but the cardboard goes "funny" when paint hits it.
I like Ramona's idea with muslin. Could stretch it out over a wood stretcher, or perhaps Ill go to Hobby Lobby and get a canvas. I hate to spend the money on a large canvas for a background though.

Posted at 6:27am May 8, 2012 EDT

How about wallpaper scraps and some fancy moldings from your local do it yourself store?? Just another idea.

Posted at 8:38pm May 12, 2012 EDT

A lot of times when you paint paper it curls and bows, but once it dried the surface returns close to normal... but I've never experiemented with those so I can't say they will return to normal.

Posted at 11:50am May 13, 2012 EDT

For those of you who have the talent of painting, let me suggest the 45 or 60 inch solid home decor fabric (numerous colors to work with) instead of canvas. My local JoAnn store has it on flat boards near the long bolts of home decor fabrics. Use a fabric paint, worked good for me when making a family reunion sign.

Posted at 11:39am May 28, 2012 EDT

Also used this method for making a banner for craft shows.

Posted at 11:40am May 28, 2012 EDT