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Original Post

OK we have all seen it done BADLY!!!! You know what I mean. Take some common object and glue some gears on it maybe add a little paint and WOW its steam punk.....NOT!!! LOL The question and the Challenge is can this be done well to make a visually interesting piece of art. So here are the guide lines (note I did not say rules). 1) The object should be something easily found by most people. 2) using mostly gears (or gear shapes) decorate it, so it is cool and interesting. 3) have fun. Lets show people just what can be done by adding gears to something hehe.
I am going to copy this over at the Brass Goggles Forum so people over there can join in the fun, and yes I will be listing something it the next couple days that is decorated with Gears but still came out very cool.


Posted at 1:26 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT


Most of what I make has gears stuck to it, as homage to the style. I think this is a great challenge, and hope to have the time to join it.

Posted at 7:15 am Jul 9, 2012 EDT

OK I finally list the Bottle that gave me the Idea for this. Here is the listing.
of course I did a little more than just glue some resin gears LOL. A lot of the work really does not show up in the pictures. I have always been fascinated with the look of the Antikythera Mechanism and I tried to get the same look of layered Gears in this Bottle.


Posted at 5:09 pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

I've got a couple of Medals that are a little 'glue gears to it', or a fuse as the case may be for this one...

here's the more clock part one...

Posted at 5:46 am Nov 16, 2013 EST

I would love to see this tread take off. So everyone please post pictures of your stuff that you stuck gears on and called it Steampunk. I have seen this done badly so many times I need to see it done well!


Posted at 11:02 am Nov 16, 2013 EST

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