Etsy Taiwan Does anyone try Search AD at ETSY

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Original Post

Just like title....recently I am considering to buy search ad at etsy....anyone has experience or idea can share here?

Posted at 12:41am May 14, 2012 EDT


I don't understand it that much either, but I did try it once. Although I didn't get that much views as I hoped. I found joining teams and posting on discussions got me much more views.

Posted at 3:43am May 28, 2012 EDT

I try once, I didn't got the views as well..

There are few tip for those... I was talking to other Etsy selller as well. ( well, shed did it as well)
And those AD seens not really get you views or sales that much( as you think)

I try renew items( it will shown on the page as well) and it was only 20 cents..

but just shown few sec......... the AD..... I don't want to do it again any sooner.


Posted at 2:01am Oct 20, 2012 EDT

I tried it. $16 a week. 2 sales in two weeks. :( not good.

Posted at 10:12pm Oct 21, 2012 EDT

yeah? this is not good at all :<

Posted at 5:00pm Oct 22, 2012 EDT

The two sales paid for the ads. LOL.

Posted at 6:24pm Oct 22, 2012 EDT

the renew will show on page as well( but I think shown for 2 sec!lol)

I will try to renew them in busy hours, more than buy the AD tho.

also, FB page is nice place to work on, share what you're working now, or list items.

I think all of them need long time to take care it, but you will see the return...(took me a lot of time)

good luck everyone! sales a lot!!!

Posted at 3:19pm Oct 30, 2012 EDT

Hello everyone! Are you all ready for the holidays...busy busy eh!
Well, I have tried the "promote" on Facebook! $5 or $10 me, this one works better.....
Stay in touch soon!
Peini and Kathy:)))

Posted at 6:52pm Nov 1, 2012 EDT

Just getting busy those days,

the shows, party...

I've always offer free shipping in US, and I hope this will help for my sale!

good luck and sale a lot everyone!

Posted at 7:34pm Nov 3, 2012 EDT