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Original Post

MirabilisColors says
Edited on May 3, 2012

I know that there is usually one of these going in the main forums and they're fun to read but since some of us rarely go up there or are (*looks guilty) very close to being muted for our big mouths I thought it would be fun for us to have our own.

So far today I checked out this team and got caught up while I had my coffee, checked out FB, posted something on my page as well as a bunch of comments on other people's posts and worked on my new blog. I think that I have it formatted and decorated well enough for now but I didn't get to the part where I actually wrote something to post. Now I'm all caffeinated and ready to start crocheting. I'm working on a big warm shawl and it's perfect for this cold foggy morning.

Posted at 12:33pm May 3, 2012 EDT


Dawn says

I am getting my house cleaned for a family party/communion this weekend. Doing the bare minimum online to keep the shop going. But hoping to finish up SEO changes by next week and get back to making stuff by this Sunday.

However, I just kicked my loose weights and am off to ice my foot cuz I can't move my toe. :(

Posted at 12:54pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Dawn, oh no! Hope your foot is okay, that must've really hurt.
I just finally finished a pair of ankle socks, now need to take pictures and add them to my shop. Also have been doing some more reading about way s to improve my shop.

Now I'm going to get a cup of coffee. :-)

Posted at 1:27pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I am working on promoting in teams, fixing pictures, and finishing a custom order toy.

Posted at 1:29pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I'be been working on a project for a friend, painting ivy leaves on moulding for a book shelf. Wrapping a gift for my daughter -in -law, that I ordered off Etsy. She is graduating from college this weekend, pinning ceremony tonight. Summa Cum Laude. Boy are we proud. Promoting my shop. ...

Posted at 1:57pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I found two necklaces made years ago with some delicious beads, and I'm upcycling them into new pieces. Having a great time too! Hope everyone else is having a good day.

Posted at 3:25pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Adrenaline flowing due to hubby fall down Go BOOM! bed snoring; thankful O.K.
I reviewed SEO Basics, the link from Mary with Highrankings, and shared them; emailed; received purchase of Custom Reserved Listing from one week ago; listening to piano music; laying out flute design for custom order; my bird is screaming !@#$%^&^%$#@; cooking red beans/rice; typing to you!
Wonderful day! not over yet LOL

Posted at 5:36pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Lip balms, lip balms and more lip balms.

Posted at 6:50pm May 3, 2012 EDT

I don't see no lip balms.....what ya do'n, eat'n it?

Posted at 7:03pm May 3, 2012 EDT

Hahahaha! They taste almost good enough to eat. I'm labeling and shrink wrapping them. It's a tedious process but I won't put them up until it's done.
Actually I haven't opened my shop yet. Waiting for my graphic designer to get back from vacation so I can get a banner.

Posted at 7:19pm May 3, 2012 EDT