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Original Post

I came across this thread on another team that our team members might enjoy:

As you all know, ITEM TAGS are very important for having our items found by potential customers.

A lot of sellers are having a tough time coming up with suitable tags though.
So, let's help eachother!

(We have been doing this for a while now in the Dutch Etsy team and many sellers have seen their views and, more importantly, their sales gone up.)

You can participate in two ways:
1. POST A LINK to one item in your shop that you want us to help you find tags for.
2. SUGGEST TAGS for the items posted in this thread.

- Tags can have a maximum of 20 characters.
- Multi word tags work better then single word tags. The more combinations of important search words, the higher your items will show up in search results.
- Don't be afraid your suggestions won't be 'good enough'. All suggestions are good! The seller decides which ones she/he will use.
- This game does not have a specific following order.
- Start your tag suggestions by either mentioning the seller or linking to the item, to avoid confusion.
- Please join us and have fun!

Posted at 4:24pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

Mary from SEOWebDesign says
Highlighted Post

This thread sometimes moves very quickly. Go ahead and post your listing again if it has fallen a few pages behind or seems to have been overlooked.

Posted at 8:16pm Sep 13, 2012 EDT


I can start with one of my listings:


Help me find words for this listing that you might use if you were shopping for an item like this.

Posted at 4:27pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

Amy says

ready made web page


would like input on this listing

Posted at 6:57pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

Feather Flowers
5 piece package
Feather Bouquets

Suggestions for this one?

Posted at 7:05pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

hand-painted vase
embellished vase
ceramic vase

I'd also suggest tagging it as either porcelain, earthenware, etc, depending on that type of casting slip you used, since so many collectors look for a specific type of clay body.

Looking for help on THIS item:

Posted at 8:55pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

Jamie R says

The Ladies:
garden accessory
garden decor
mosaic ball
ombre decor
mini mosaic ball

(it's very cute, too!)

and now for this:

Posted at 9:16pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

JillsTreasureChest -

- South West Decor
- Southwestern Decor
- Western Home Decor
- Desert Home Decor

Posted at 10:37pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT


If you would like to have your listing reviewed, join our SEO Review team:

Here we are just throwing ideas out, without any research and no guarantees that these are good keywords,

Posted at 10:40pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

EightLotsRoad -

- Vintage Japanese Bowl
- Vintage Japanese China

Posted at 10:45pm Sep 10, 2012 EDT

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