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Original Post

This thread is for discussions and questions about Google SEO: Keywords and Text

Google use all of the text on every Web page for searches on Google. Some parts of the Web page are more important to Google than others. Google does look at every page in your shop, including the Profile page and Policy page.

Post your questions and comments here.

Posted at 5:46 pm Jun 3, 2012 EDT


Hi: I just did a google search for "sari scarf" and one of my listings came up on images. I clicked through to my shop. I checked my stats about 2 hours later, and the google hit was not in my stats. Am I missing something?

Posted at 11:35 pm Jul 2, 2012 EDT

Did this ever show up in your stats?

It's possible that clicking from an image directly into your shop may not work with Etsy Stats.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Posted at 3:49 pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT

Sorry, I can't answer previous question, but I do have a different question on Google SEO...
When I look at my shop's cache on Google, the only 2 words that are highlighted are "baby" and "hats", even though other words are clearly repeated on the page. Does this mean these are the only 2 words Google is pulling from my shop?

Posted at 12:11 pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT

Darlene, the words you see highlighted on the cache depends on the exact moment when Google took the screen print. These words are the primary keywords in your shop. This screen might have been captured during a search for "baby hats."

Depending on the Internet browser I am using, I see highlighted words when I search on Google for something. The words I use in my search are often highlighted on the Web page. I am pretty sure that the Firefox browser does this.

Posted at 8:27 pm Jul 11, 2012 EDT

Thank you! I haven't seen the highlights before during search (I have Safari) but that makes sense.

Posted at 7:26 am Jul 12, 2012 EDT

moving up for new members

Posted at 10:46 pm Jul 15, 2012 EDT

I have something interesting here..... i was getting 8-10 google views a day with my old keywords for shop title and announcement, yet when i searched for these keywords, my shop was coming up on the first page of google search (Q: why so little views then?)

Now, i just changed my shop's title, announcement and sections (not listing titles since i run etsyonsale app). Mary, is there a possibility my shop won't come up on the first page of google (regular google, not shopping)? And is my shop's title looks ok: Whimsical Art, Canvas Wall Art, Fine Art Prints (keywords checked on google keywords and they seem pretty good). Also should i repeat "art"? i kind of need to since these are exact phrases.

Posted at 4:11 am Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Mary from SEOWebDesign says
Edited on Jul 16, 2012


It is easy to show up on page one of Google when you use keywords that are not at all popular, are rarely used and have little or no competition from other Web sites. This is also the reason why it's easy to show up at the top of Google for your shop name - no other Web site is competing for that word. These words will not bring you many views from Google.

The keywords you are using now in the shop name are very good. These new keywords are used by many other Web sites. You will have to work on building backlinks to move your shop and listings up higher in Google search results where you can get more and more views. You can read more about backlinks here:

Your shop title looks really good. You can repeat a word like ART several times in the title if you like. Google takes into account all the text on every web page, including the welcome text. Someone would have to repeat one word many, many more times in the shop text before Google considers it excessive.

Posted at 5:41 pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Mary, thank you sooooo much! I feel like I am, finally, on the right track, but still have a lot to learn.......

Posted at 4:58 am Jul 17, 2012 EDT

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