2012 Jewelry-Making Challenges -WIN Prizes! I would like your HELP:-)

Who can join?

2012 Jewelry-Making Challenges -WIN Prizes! is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Jewelry-Making enthusiasts looking to challenge
in new and unexpected ways.

1) Potential members must have at least three jewelry
items or more in shop to join.

2) Individual *Hand-made* jewelry creators only*

3) Request permission to open new threads from the
captain. As *threads that are priority get lost* amongst
too many open threads.

4) Those willing to be active participants weekly by using
theme appropriate threads. (We like to stay organized:o)

5) Those with positive attitudes. willing to share positive,
kind feedback.

6) Those who enjoy promoting others as well as oneself.

7) Those willing to enter at least 4 Jewelry-Making Challenges per year.

8) If you enjoy team spirit, having your jewelry promoted and complimented by team members and myself,..then this might
be a great fit for you.

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Original Post

Hi everyone!
i would like your help!

if it's easy please vote for me by pressing "like"

here is the link

Thank you!

Posted at 10:02am May 8, 2012 EDT


honeydipjewels from HoneyBeezJewelry says
Edited on May 8, 2012

Thank you for sharing this with us but a more appropriate spot might
be on Etsy Facebook. You'll find many of your team mates who
frequent there already & are happy to support you. Good luck Chris!

Posted at 3:24pm May 8, 2012 EDT

Hello there team mates,.
Chris explained to me that she would love to have
our votes on FB for a Jewelry contest being held in her hometown of
Greece. Being that there would be no conflict of interest, it would be a
lovely opportunity for her to have our support. If you have a moment in
your spare time please take a minute to vote for her. Thanks everyone.

If you are having any special events that you would like some support
with such as this or a festival,. please feel free to contact me with some
detail and I'll see what I can do. As long as it doesn't conflict with our little diddy, thats cool! I can set up a private thread so we can show our support for your event.

Thanks again everyone, happy creating and Good Luck Chris from
the team:o) XO

Posted at 10:21pm May 16, 2012 EDT

Hi Chris
I went and comented on the site...But while I was at it I also favorited your shop and items.
.I think as a group we all ought to do this for each other..It helps out search rankings for sales. There are also ways to support each other on face book and other sites to build our prescence..it all helps...

Posted at 1:00am May 20, 2012 EDT

You are just the coolest Jim!!!,. thank you,. I totally agree,.

Im not on FB & have yet to do my first Treasury,. still a bit shy with on
line stuff & lack time but would love to try & hopefully make a difference.
Funny Jim,. I was just wondering if it was perhaps time to move on.. I
know many teams struggle with the same lack of participation of its
members & I totally understand... I too am guilty on one of the teams
Im on,.. Etsy FB Lol! (still committed but just a little slow)

I would just like to share with you all, whenever I entered previous
Challenges,. my views & favorites totally shot up! Thats why I have
also tried to keep the team going for so long. I do hope that we have
more support as well as submissions, or we cant Call ourself a team
for the purpose of jewelry making challenges. Please dont be shy &
please feel free to contact me 'anytime' with questions or comments,
it can only help make us a stronger team:o)

Thank you for renewing my drive & inspiration for our team Jim,. You
truly are special:o) Also the many others on the team that have not
given up, thank you too. XO Have an awesome weekend everyone!

PS Dont forget to VOTE for Chris on FB.. maybe we can start there:o)
Im also very happy to promote for you all as well:o)- XO

Posted at 2:08pm May 20, 2012 EDT

thank you both:-)

Posted at 5:45am May 21, 2012 EDT

Voted for you!

Posted at 5:20pm May 30, 2012 EDT