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1- Remember to RESPECT and Follow ETSY do’s AND dont’s .
2- RESPECT eachother!
3- WITH applying to this team your committing to promotion within.
4- IF invited and your accepting same rules apply.
5- YOU can promote other teams. Some of us are in lots of teams. BUT please use the threads accordingly.
6- Use the threads as tools. Post and be active within.

Please try not to open new threads So we can keep growing with an organized style.

NOTE*** IF you have applied to this team and or have been invited and you accepted to be apart of a team please BE a part. Applications are reviewed and watched if not a part of the group your membership can be canceled.


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Original Post

September is here!!

Post anything you may want in this thread

★¨`Items that are renewed
★¨`Older items in your shop

★¨`Social links

♥What are you up too behind etsy???


~ Much luv
...........✿( ¯`v´¯)

Posted at 12:49am Aug 29, 2012 EDT

Consider giving original art this holiday. This painting would make a unique addition to any home collection. As always, thanks for looking.

Posted at 8:40am Aug 30, 2012 EDT