Hikikomori Crafters Alphabet fun promo. game

Who can join?

Hikikomori Crafters has the following requirements:

The people who can join can be anyone.
stay-at-home husbands,
college students,
Full-time working
Part-time working
Hitch-hiking around the world
or anything not listed above.
Like I said this is for fun and hopefully a bit of help for your crafts/etsy store.
I guess I need a few rules to keep things in hand.
1. Keep strong language to your self if you could, Please and Thank-you.
2.Don't spam please
3. This isn't so much a rule but when you join don't forget to check out our facebook page.
4. If you have a special or give-away or anything else that you would like to show to people please either put it in one of the promotional threads or make a thread that everyone can use to promote on too. This is to save on the clutter that can clog up the rest of the threads.
5. This rule will be made when you make me make it.


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