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Original Post

I'm applying for a show and I need to include an SASE with my application for return of my materials. It's going to require more than a #10 envelope with a stamp, so I want to create a prepaid shipping label for my return package.

I use to do this with FedEx, but I no longer have an account with them. Using Click-N-Ship with the USPS only gives the option of a mailing date within the next three days. Is there a way to print a shipping label without a mailing date already chosen? Or does it matter?

Where can I print a pre-paid shipping label to send through the USPS? Thanks for any help!

Posted at 5:45pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT


It has just occurred to me that I can figure out the shipping cost and just put a bunch of stamps on the package. Doh!

But I'm still up for advice about return shipping options. Which programs allow you to print a pre-paid label (preferably Mac compatible)?

Posted at 6:28pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT

You can do it with Endicia, but that has a monthly fee. It's a good service.
Good luck!

Posted at 7:33pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT


Posted at 10:09pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT