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Original Post

Can someone weigh in (cause every computer is different/screens/etc) and let me know if you think my home page on my website is just too 'in your face'?

I updated the front page photo montage this weekend. And I like the arrangement, but wonder if I should recrop it all with white space around the edges, so that the photos within are smaller.

Not sure. On the fence. Any comments?

Posted at 8:43 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT


i like it, it has a very "clean" look. i wouldnt worry about white space around the photos, i think it looks fine as is.

Posted at 10:15 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

Thank you, Lego!

Posted at 10:35 am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

I like it too. And I agree with Lego about the "clean" look of it. Very nice.

Posted at 3:51 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

thank you! I'm so thrilled with my new label design that I thought I should feature it on the front page!

Posted at 6:28 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

I love the colors and the design, although on my computer, it felt very "in my face". I think if you make the pictures smaller or not so close up, I wouldn't say "woa" when it opened.

Did you design it yourself? Really love your branding with the flowers and the colors on the labels.

Posted at 10:15 pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

that's what I needed to know, thanks.

and yes, I do all of my own stunts, LOL...

Posted at 9:32 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

I would like to see a softer look. It did seem a bit in my face on my screen. One easy way to do that is to use a soft gray background instead of white. Your colors on the products will pop, but it will soften the effect and not seem so harsh.

Posted at 10:00 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

that's also a good idea....thank you!

Posted at 10:33 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

ok, I did downsize the front page images a bit, by adding some white space....better?

Posted at 10:38 pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT

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