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Who can join?

Foodies is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Three simple rules:

[1] You must make and sell food related items: Among other things this might include pottery bowls, wood bowls, mugs, aprons, kitchen art, kitchen/dining furniture, bakeware, baked goods, tea blends, spice blends, bread blends, peppermills, cutting boards, candies, baking./cooking utensils, accessories, etc.)

[2] You must participate in team activities: We are all busy and don’t have tons of extra time, but teams don’t work if everyone doesn’t work together. We’d love to see lots or regular member activity but at a minimum ask that your participate in the team discussion thread at least on weekly basis (more often when you can).

[3] Feel free to add threads, but let’s keep them on topic. Anything about your product, process, or technique is welcome. Discussion about sales and promotion or OK too.


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Original Post

Lets promote foodies (both team members and those from the general Etsy population) through Etsy Treasuries. Remember to add lots of comments to the treasury pages too.

Posted at 5:05pm Jan 13, 2012 EST


No enough members yet to create just a "Foodie Team" treasury, so here one from the general Etsy population.

Art & Function in the Kitchen

Posted at 5:06pm Jan 13, 2012 EST

Two collections of great stuff from from the new Etsy Foodies Team.

Etsy Foodie Team Collection #1

Etsy Foodie Team Collection #2

Posted at 9:08pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

Just made my first team Treasury! Enjoy.
'Fantastic Foodie Delights!'

Posted at 8:41pm Jan 17, 2012 EST

Hollis says

Have just highlighted some from our group....

Posted at 12:20pm Jan 18, 2012 EST

Wow . . . what a great collection of kitchen woodenware from the Etsy Foodie Team. Please check it out at

Sorry but with only 16 spots in the treasury, I just couldn't fit it all in. If anyone else would like to follow on the theme maybe we'll see a "Kitchen Woodenware from the Etsy Foodie Team - Part 2"

Posted at 8:16am Jan 25, 2012 EST