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Original Post

Annie from etsybtsy says

Please post "all other" BNS/BNR links here! Thank you and good luck with your sales!

Posted at 4:27 pm Jan 13, 2012 EST


Im featured in a BNS

Would love you to come say HI and check out the shops!

Posted at 5:52 pm Jan 13, 2012 EST

Squirrel is having a friends of etsy BNS right now and throughout the weekend. Referrals count so if you could pop in and say Roxie sent you, that would be great. Hope you can stay and play too :))

Thank you so much!

Posted at 8:26 pm Jan 13, 2012 EST

CHIC Bean from CHICBean says
Edited on Jan 14, 2012

7 SPOTs OPEN !!! ♥ Vegan + Vegetarian BNS # 4 ♥ ONLY $4 Buy-IN ♥

We welcome anyone and everyone who has at least ONE (1) item in your shop is Vegan and/or Vegetarian friendly!

Purchase through this BNS and get your shop featured in the next round. Great chance for multiple sales!

Posted at 4:48 pm Jan 14, 2012 EST

I'm here if you would like to come by and check out the great shops.
My coupon is CKD2012 for 15% off.
Hope to see you there. Let them know CK sent you. Oh and Chatting is
Thanks CK

~*~Please let me know if you don't what to receive convo from me. Thanks~*~

Posted at 12:33 pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

♥♥♥♥♥ $ Only 8 SPOTs OPEN $ ♥♥♥♥♥ Team SUNDAY BNS Round # 5 ♥


~ Supply
~ Destashes
~ Findings
~ Last Minute Gifts
~ Valentine's Day ~
~ Earth Day ~
~ St. Patrick Day ~
~ Easter Bunny Day ~

Do not miss out !!!

Purchase through this BNS and get your shop featured in the next round. Great chance for multiple sales!

Posted at 2:27 pm Jan 15, 2012 EST

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