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Original Post

Annie from etsybtsy says

What is a BNR and what is a BNS?

Are you a newbie to the BNS/BNR world? It can be very confusing at first, so hopefully my cheat sheet will help.

♥Overview BNS:♥

A BNS means “Buy and Stay.” A curator, the person who makes the treasury list, will set up their BNS round. It will feature shops that you may buy from. In general, you can buy anything from those shops, unless the rules state otherwise. Once you buy from those shops, you will get put on a list to be featured in the next round. The pros to BNS? You have an opportunity to make more than one sale per round.

♥Overview BNR:♥

A BNR means “Buy and Replace.” A curator will make the treasury list for their BNR round. It will feature shops that you may buy from. In general, you can buy anything from those shops, unless the rules state otherwise. Once you buy from those shops, your shop will immediately replace the purchased from shop. The pros to BNR? They are often quicker moving than a BNS. The cons: You make one sale per purchase.

♥Important notes:♥

It’s very important to read the rules to each BNS/BNR. They are usually on the first page of comments. People will chat in the comments section in both BNS and BNR’s.

*Some BNS/BNRs have a minimum you must spend. In BNR’s that minimum has to be met with the one shop you purchase from.

*Some BNS/BNR’s require you to “call out.” This means you are requesting permission to shop. That info is usually in the rules section.

*Some BNS/BNR’s have carryovers so you’re featured in more than one round, or they reward you with more rounds based on how much you spend.

*Some BNS/BNR’s hold raffles and play games.

*Some BNS/BNR’s will give away a free spot for referral contests, donations for raffles, or winning prizes.

*Some BNS/BNR’s will have immediate features where if you buy in at that moment, you get featured right away as well as in the following round.

*Most shops in a BNS and BNR will post their coupon codes. Do you have to have a code to participate? No, but many buyers will appreciate this. I’ve seen shops not get sales because of not having a coupon code. I’m not a big fan of separate treasury lists for coupon codes, or linking people to a post in a team to find a coupon code, but some BNS/BNRs will do this. Mine do not.

♥Why you would want to participate in a BNS/BNR:♥

Your shop will get more views and more fav’s, which means more exposure. You may potentially make sales. You could make friendships and experience a social aspect of Etsy. I have a feeling that if the average shopper sees a larger “sale count” in your shop, then they feel more comfortable in buying from you. BNS/BNR’s allow you to sell more items, thus increasing your sale count.

♥Frequently asked questions:♥

“Can I buy anything from the shops or just what is shown in the treasury?” – In almost all cases, you can buy anything from the shop.

“Do I get to choose what is shown the next round?” - In most BNS’s, the curator will choose. In most BNR’s, the curator will choose the initial item and in general you can pick once the round gets underway. Many curators will accept your requests/suggestions.

“How often is each round?” - This depends on the curator and the individual BNS. It’s important for you to trust the BNS/BNR you are buying into. There are quite a few going on Etsy, with many opening up for the first time each day. You need to trust that the person opening the round is not “fly by night” and that your round will actually take place. ☺

“Are these endorsed, or run by Etsy?” - Not really. They aren’t stopping us from doing them, but they are cracking down on what they would consider to be spam conversations. If you are inviting people to join your BNS/BNR, be careful about sending those convos over the Etsy system. They are not run by Etsy, but by regular shop owners/team members like you and me.

♥How you can help promote BNS/BNRs:♥

Social networking makes a big difference. Post the treasury on Facebook, Twitter and on your personal blogs and pages.

Post a link to the treasury in all of your teams. Many teams have a section for promoting BNS/BNRs. Please follow all of your team rules.

Through out the round, stop in the BNS/BNR and fav it by clicking on the heart in the top right corner. You can also “refav” it by unclicking the heart so it is grey, and re-clicking it so it is red again. This will place your activity on the top of your circles’ feed.

Speaking of circles – be very involved in adding people to your circle (who will hopefully add you to theirs.) If you have a big audience for your activity, there are more eyes to see the BNS/BNR.

Convos – I touched on this earlier. Technically, if you send a convo out through the Etsy system to invite people to join your BNS/BNR, it is considered SPAM. To avoid you getting in trouble – do this at your own risk. Many people have made email lists for Etsy friends who would like to be invited to BNS/BNRs. AND – be a team player. If someone is sending you invites via the Etsy convo system….DO NOT REPORT THEM! If you don’t want them to send you any more convos, simply write back to them and ask them not to send them to you.

Chat in the BNS once and a while, or be present and chat through the BNR. You’d be surprised how many more people will shop when there’s socializing going on.

♥How to sell more in BNS/BNRs:♥

*Have items that people want. Etsy sellers are the ones participating in these – not buyers. If you sell $100 art items, or $75 photographs – you may not move many. Shops like to buy things that they can USE.

*Have some lower priced items in your store. By low priced – I mean in the $1-10 range. “But, Annie! This isn’t going to make me a lot of money!” you may say. You’re right, it’s not…but it’s going to increase your potential for selling in a BNS/BNR.

*Take good photographs. As a BNS/BNR curator, it’s difficult to make eye-appealing treasury lists if people don’t take good photos. The photos should be crisp and clear – not blurry. The colors should be accurate, not dark. It’s best if the items are not put on awkward colored backgrounds, or clashing backgrounds, or backgrounds that are busy. This goes not only for BNS/BNRs but in the Etsy world. More people are apt to use your items in lists if you have good photos. Many BNS/BNR curators look to put the best photos in the top two rows of a treasury list because that’s what shows up in an activity feed for the treasury. They will also put the items that they feel will draw the most attention. A supply shop, for example, will draw more attention than a shop selling handmade ash trays.

♥Tips for taking better photos:♥

*Figure out your Macro setting. On cameras, it’s usually the little flower. This is for taking photos close up. Many point and shoot cameras that have this setting will require you to gently press your button to focus the image, and once it’s in focus…you push. Blurry photos of your items don’t put them in their best light.

*Don’t use odd props or things that make the image confusing or take away from your items. I see this most often in people who sell jewelry. They prop their jewelry up on the strangest things – and then take a poor photo. I can’t properly see the item and their background takes the focus off their piece. You can buy jewelry props online.

*Don’t use dark colored backgrounds, or odd color backgrounds, or most backgrounds with a pattern. Neutral backgrounds are the best.

*Try to use proper lighting to get accurate colors.

♥♥♥I will edit this post if necessary – especially if I get more FAQ or have a request to add info. Please feel free to ask any questions or give more suggestions.♥♥♥

Posted at 2:44 pm Feb 5, 2012 EST


Annie from etsybtsy says
Edited on May 6, 2012

I just wanted to add a little blurb. I wrote this thread to help everyone in the BNS/BNR community to the best of my ability, especially newbies! We all have the same goal: To make more sales, promote and have fun with one another.

•••••••That being said, if you use any or part of this thread in any written text, be it in another team or blog, please quote me directly by giving me credit with my name as well as a link back to this thread.

Please do not slightly alter the text and reuse it without assigning credit.•••••••••••

I would like for everyone who becomes part of this great community on Etsy to have a wonderful experience with those of us who BNS and BNR, and that wonderful experience starts at the top with our team captains and leaders. Let's be respectful of one another and support one another and then everyone wins!

Annie :)

Posted at 1:14 am May 6, 2012 EDT

Gail M from 1mimi says

Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

Posted at 8:18 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Sorry if this sounds silly. This BNR concept is very new to me.

SOOOO, I see round #60 is up. So I go to that treasury and buy something correct? How do you know I have bought something? And when I buy something then I get put in the next round?? Sounds like a lot of fun, I just want to do it right. LOL!

Posted at 11:03 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Oh and in this group how soon does another round start? New round every day or every week???

Posted at 11:05 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Hi Jennifer -

Round #60 is up right now in the BNS - buy and stay. Buy and Stay is where the shops are featured for the whole round (which in this team is for 3 days or until it sells out). Buy and Stay means you get viewed the whole time, and you may get a few sales instead of just one, but you may also get no sales. (In contrast, BNR - buy and replace - is where if someone buys from you, their shop immediately replaces you on the board)

When you buy something from a featured shop (it does NOT have to be the item pictured - anything in a featured shop will do), you then post in the BNS the shop you bought from, the amount you spent after coupon but before shipping (remember round #60 has a $3 minimum) and the transaction code. The transaction code is the url for the sold item for what you bought. When you check out your cart and finish paying, it then says your cart is empty and you can click to view your order. Click to view, which takes you to a general receipt page for what you bought from the shop, then click the name of the item you bought. This takes you to a page with just the item and it says at the top that you bought it on today's date. THIS IS THE URL YOU SEEK! copy the url and paste it into your comment on the round 60 thread. If you bought more than one item, repeat the process with the other items until you have a url for each of them.

The curators check these - that's how they know you've done what you've needed to do. Remember you can't reuse an item's transaction code in a different bnr/bns - that's cheating people out of sales.

Posted at 11:31 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Oh, and the rounds restart pretty fast. Annie's great about getting them together asap. A lot of times she makes up the new round as soon as the old one fills or the time runs out.

Posted at 11:32 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Thanks Rebecca!! This helps out ALOT!! I made my first purchase so I'm off to find that URL! :)

Posted at 11:55 pm Jun 23, 2012 EDT

Got it so I post this on the "Round 60 thread" or on the actual BNS treasury in comments? I just don't see other people posting things they bought....

Posted at 12:03 am Jun 24, 2012 EDT

Annie from etsybtsy says

Rebecca, if I could "like" your comment like I can on Facebook, then I would. :)

Jennifer - you did great! If you go back to where you posted and refresh, you'll see the updated list after your purchase. We're normally more chatty, but Saturday was kind of slow. The weekends can be fast or slow, depending on the general flow of traffic.

I know I wasn't around much, yesterday. We've had a break in the heat and it's been stunning outside.

This current round will go through the end of the night tomorrow, and then the round you purchased into will start up right away.

Welcome to the world of BNSing! :)

Posted at 7:43 am Jun 24, 2012 EDT

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