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Original Post

As the title of this thread states, what you guys got going on that's new? Myself, I have a new project on my website, a 365 day project at and working to get new products ready for my shop including working on a calendar design that I hope to have up and ready by the end of the month.

Posted at 9:07pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT


What's new...well...I landed a AAA cover for 2013! My photo of a small town red church in North Carolina was selected to be on the cover of AAA's Travel TourBook for 2013 for NC/SC. I'm pretty excited about that :)

I am also now selling iphone cases. Just a handful for now, to see how they do:

I can't wait to see your calendar Nichole! I never do one until October (as I try to get as many fresh photographs as I can for the year)

Posted at 8:41am Jul 20, 2012 EDT

I'm still working on the calendar. Hoping to have it ready by August.

Where do you get the iPhone cases made, I've checked out the McKenna website and can't find any place on there for information about them. I would love to start offering them too. It seems to be a decent money maker.

Posted at 7:48am Jul 21, 2012 EDT

Diana from EyeShutterToThink says
Edited on Aug 17, 2012

Actually Nichole they aren't very good money makers for the cost. I put a few out there but so far, no bites. I likely won't renew them due to it.

You can get them made at many labs, including society6 & hhcolorlab. But when you see the cost you will know what I mean about no profit. LOL

Posted at 8:02am Aug 17, 2012 EDT

Yeah, I was figuring that, but thought maybe I might try it. You never know. Wish I had the 3D printer, I could then make them cheaper and right here. Ah to dream.

Posted at 9:56am Aug 17, 2012 EDT

Oh I know right. That would be so COOL.

Posted at 12:43pm Aug 20, 2012 EDT

So cool and awesome. Someday after I finally get a DSLR I'll get the 3D printer and then be able to offer so much more. I could then go into the other business I want to do to. Money, that's all that's stopping me. Plain, run of the mill, basic money.

Posted at 10:28am Aug 21, 2012 EDT

Yeah, same here Nichole.

I do have a new 2013 calendar:

Posted at 9:21am Sep 7, 2012 EDT

That's very awesome calendar. I haven't done much with working on mine over the last few weeks. Been handling medical here with my knee and working to straighten that out.

I may miss this year for calendars again. I haven't even done any new prints or pendants in the last couple of months.

Posted at 12:17pm Sep 7, 2012 EDT

Don't feel bad. They take awhile to make. I want to do a car one but time hasn't let me yet :)

Posted at 2:06pm Oct 23, 2012 EDT