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Original Post

I haven't had many sales, but I am getting more things added to my shop. I've increased prices across the board by about $3, since someone had told me that they were a bit low. Any help and advice is welcome! Thanks!

Posted at 6:25 pm Jul 26, 2012 EDT


I think the prices for your crochet items look good. I always think about how much things like this would be in a store, then add in the element of time for a handmade item,to get the feel for pricing. Everything is affordable and useful for everyday life. I think your little wristlets could be more, maybe $10, as they look like useful pieces.

I would say your main issue is photographs. The gloves for instance would look better with a plain background, laid down flat, to give the best look at their construction and detail. That way the buyer can easily see what they are, and a photo of them being worn (such as the photo of them being worn while typing) would be a secondary reference photo. Also, some of the thumbnail photos when you are browsing through the store are cut off and we can't even see what the product is, and that is how they show up in search. Be mindful of that and maybe look at other stores to get an idea of how to take good photos that will attract buyers.

Anyway, hope that helps! :) good luck

Posted at 2:51 pm Jul 27, 2012 EDT

Thanks, Rebekah! I plan on picking up a new camera pretty soon, and want to revamp some of my photos then. I'll definitely keep your comments in mind for then!

Posted at 7:05 pm Jul 27, 2012 EDT

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