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Tanya from Tanyagrub says

Sam, I think some of your pieces could go higher like the thick cherry footed board could be more it is a cool piece with unique detail.

Posted at 1:03 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Tanya, I love your painting and I think they're worth what you have them at, but maybe offer some smaller/faster paintings that broke people like me could afford.

Posted at 4:32 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Melissa says


I think your prices are great. Everything in your shop looks so fun and playful. You may be able to go up a $1 or 2 but I would keep them the same.

Posted at 4:54 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

I think your prices are very fair. I think you could even go up $1-2 on pretty much everything if you wanted to but I don't think your items seem over priced. The one exception is the needle felted roses purse. $150 seems a little high to me but it is obviously very detailed and you need to make sure you Are getting reimbursed for your time. It seems pricey compared to other purses on here though.

Posted at 7:17 pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT

Hi Steffany, your prices look great! I'm not familiar with your category but they seem very affordable. Leaves you some room to go up in price while still remaining affordable I think!

Posted at 6:11 am Jun 14, 2012 EDT

I'd say go lower, $80 for earrings sounds like a bit much.

Posted at 9:18 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT

Ellen, my favorite piece from your shop is the blue bracelet- and I think the price could be higher- 24 maybe? On the other hand, the skirt may be priced a bit too high, I'd consider first bringing it down to 30, possibly just under.

Posted at 12:10 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

I think you could go higher on your mermaid tails. 45$ or so I am thinking:)

Posted at 1:47 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Cat says

Hi cakeadoodledoo (love that name!)
Judging by your sales your prices are good, I love your work, such super specialization for a party. My one suggestion would be do away with the .05, .03 etc.

Posted at 10:55 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

The .05 and .03 would be the conversion rate as my prices are all even dollar amounts. I have recently raised my prices tho do all my sales have not been with these rates.

Posted at 12:04 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

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