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Hi there,

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Morgan and the Etsy Community

Posted at 6:22pm Jan 27, 2012 EST


Hi Morgan and hi to everyone who is joining the conversation!

I have a lot of questions (in general!) about taxes for freelancers like me, when to apply taxes? when not? etc.

My company has been filed as a DBA, and from what I understood I don't have to pay taxes until the benefits I make reach a certain amount... but I am very unsure about that.

Any information of that type about freelancers would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance for your help :)

Posted at 2:50pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

I like this article at about deducting your expenses from your hobby. It's the very basics. I hope this helps.

Posted at 2:17pm Feb 2, 2012 EST

I feel Like I am in a similar situation. I just started and went through the process of getting a business license and registering for taxes, because I thought I needed to then it turns out that maybe I didn't have to do that first. I would love to be by the book, but the book is a tough read right now.

Posted at 10:30am Feb 8, 2012 EST

Cindy Ely says

thank you for letting me join this team. i look forward to learning more about business so I can expand my own shop into a home party business and eventually open up a store front.

Posted at 9:35am Feb 12, 2012 EST

Thanks Emilie!! (super late thank you... I know)
I will definitely look at that article and Im sur eit is going to be helpful.

Posted at 5:35pm Feb 17, 2012 EST