Etsy Alchemists "We make things that fall into the "OTHER" category..." Meet & Greet thread

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If you join this team as a seller, you MAY NOT post your items or Promote your items, you MAY NOT open new threads, unless you are requesting something. Please note, when posting a request, Always start your title with "WANTED:" and then list in the title what it is you are looking for.

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Original Post

If you are an alchemist and you make things that don't really fall into any other meet & greet category, this thread is for you! Please introduce yourself and feel free to post up to 5 examples of your work if that tickles your fancy. These medium-specific meet & greet threads will serve as team directory of sorts.

For those of you who are not familiar with posting examples, all you have to do is list the URL of your listing, and Etsy will automatically turn it into the listing photo in the thread.

Any questions, please email the Captain or any of the leaders directly.

Cheers & Meow~
Sarah :-D

Posted at 1:27pm Mar 23, 2012 EDT


Hello, I'm Kristina and I make a variety of things using different mediums. I crochet, sew, make floral arrangements, make paper beads, draw, paint, and create other unique items. I have two stores here on Etsy, one to showcase my handmade items ( ) and one for my vintage/supply items ( ). Below are a few samples of my work.

Thank you!!

Posted at 3:49pm Mar 25, 2012 EDT

Hey, I'm Mike from MoJo Graphics. I make custom vinyl wall art, t-shirts, vehicle and storefront graphics and lettering. and etc.

Thanks for the invite to the team.

Posted at 8:03am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

I think what you have going, Mike, is great!

Posted at 2:24pm Mar 26, 2012 EDT

a toss up to the top

Posted at 6:32pm May 27, 2012 EDT

Chymiera from Chymiera says
Edited on Jun 15, 2012

Knick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone this old man came rolling home...Post all "other" promos in this thread!!

Posted at 12:01pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT

Angie from ALCcraft says

i make custom broomsticks for Halloween costumes, i have a few already made, but they can be ordered in specific colors to match a costume, the miniature ones can also be used as fairy or princess wands. Here are some examples:

Posted at 12:53pm Jul 16, 2012 EDT

Pearlyn says

Hello! I made needle felted woolies that are perfect as gifts, keychain, handphone charm, home decor/ ornaments or even as door gifts. I'm open to any form of customisations.

The Groom-to-be bunny:

Summer loving bunny:

Angel bunny:

Calico cat:

For more, please check out my store:

Posted at 10:13pm Mar 2, 2013 EST

Pearlyn says

Sorry! The above link for my shop has a mistake. Its -->

Thank you!

Posted at 10:14pm Mar 2, 2013 EST