Etsy Alchemists custom 1950's inspired halter bridesmaid dress

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Original Post

I am going to be a bridesmaid in July, and am looking to have a dress made. There is a possibility of a second bridesmaid also wanting a dress from the same designer, which I will hopefully know by the end of the weekend.

Price range: $150-300
Deadline: July 1, 2012 (delivered to Ottawa, Ontario in Canada)
Measurements: 36-30-44 (inches)
Height: 5'5"

I am looking for a blue 50's inspired, knee-length, halter-neck, formal dress..

This is the vintage dress I want to use as inspiration. In particular, I'm looking at the drape/width of the halter strap(s), and the pleated sweet-heart bust (without the intricate beading):

Secondary inspiration for the bust, please see my pinterest page:

It is important for the dress to share certain elements with the dress the maid of honour will be wearing. In particular, the look and drape of the fabric, the width of the straps, the length, and the drape of the skirt. I would prefer the soft drape waistline, or pleating, over the gathered waist on the blue dress above. Here is a link to the dress the maid of honour will be wearing:

I have some concerns based on previous custom order experiences. It's extremely important that the dress fit. The wedding is July 14, and I am concerned that if it doesn't fit right, I won't have time for alterations. I've had two custom dresses made in the past. One was extremely well-made, while the other had really bulky hems and was very heavy.

This dress needs to be comfortable enough to wear in Florida in July. If you think you can fulfill this request, please let me know. I am looking for someone with experience.

Please send me:
- bids
- examples of your previous work
- ideas or suggestions
- timeline if earlier than deadline
- if you are willing to do a second dress in a similar style for a second bridesmaid by the same deadline

Thank you!
~ Elizabeth

Posted at 8:27pm Apr 26, 2012 EDT


another request filled! how awesome! :D

Posted at 3:33pm Apr 29, 2012 EDT