Etsy Alchemists Looking for an icicle necklace for evil ice queen costume

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Original Post

I am looking for an icicle necklace for my halloween costume this year

I like the look of this one:

but I am look for a more jagged icicle look

I don't need to fancy of materials, just as long as it resembles ice, in that tint of light blueish green

Looking to spend between 20-25 bux. Sorry budget is super tight

Posted at 11:00pm Jun 7, 2012 EDT


I also wouldnt mind drilled quartz points on simple clear line. I have seen some 9 inch strands for under 10 but I need it to be at least 16 inches

Posted at 12:37am Jun 8, 2012 EDT

I could do something like this with polymer clay if you don't mind a more opaque look. Or perhaps, given a bit more time to make a suitable mold, I could do resin to keep it transparent. Either way, I'm game. I love icy stuff. =)

Posted at 11:00pm Jun 9, 2012 EDT

Quartz points are expensive. I know this personally as my store uses them. It's unlikely anyone will be able to afford to make exactly what you are showing. They would "go in debt" creating it. Acrylic and plastics would be your only option to get a similar look that cheaply. Just the act of making it would be 25 dollars, so the materials would need to be practically free.

My store has several quartz crystal pieces and Skadi necklaces. Here is one slightly pricier look. I could do a glass a snowflake piece for 35 but I wish you luck finding a quartz point solid color for anywhere near 25 dollars

Posted at 9:16am Jul 24, 2012 EDT

RJ, the options I gave above are within her price range and may be something to think about if she'd like a higher end piece instead of acrylic or plastic.

Posted at 7:07pm Jul 25, 2012 EDT

Have messaged you with my thoughts on the necklace! C. x

Posted at 6:31pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT