The Crazy Advertisers Team NEW LISTINGS!!!!!

Who can join?

The Crazy Advertisers Team has the following requirements:

Anyone, who is willing to follow the THREE RULES bellow, can join.

1) Do not insult other team members in any way. Respect their right to have their own view and perspective of a situation!

2) You are free to start new Threads and share your creations, ideas or anything else!! However, before starting a new thread, please make a quick search and see if there is another thread similar or the same to the one you want to start.
If so, please avoid starting the thread and express yourself in the existing one instead! Repetition most of the times causes confusion! Team members who create multiple identical or similar to the existing ones threads will be first warned and afterwards (if not cooperate) will be removed from the Team.

3) Follow the rules of the thread, in which you post (if they exist)! Team members who repeatedly don't follow the rules of the threads will be removed from the Team without prior warning!
Crazy Advertisers Team's tag: crazyadsteam

Add this tag to your listings in order to be easier for other members to find them and feature them to their treasuries!!
It is optional, not mandatory! You are free to do as you wish!

Have fun!! Life is beautiful!

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