Brilliant BNR, BNS, & Treasuries 10 of Hearts Game Get your Ranks & Numbers UP!

Who can join?

Brilliant BNR, BNS, & Treasuries has the following requirements:

Those who love BNR's, BNS's & Treasuries, Games, Contest and more
Those who love to support their fellow etsy sellers


1.Do not start new TOPICS OR THREADS
2. If interested in starting new thread topic please contact leader.
3. Before posting a link to any BNR/BNS you either curated or are featured in you must first comment on or favorite another team member's BNR/BNS post.
4. Before posting a link to a treasury you must first comment the 2 treasury posts before yours.
5.Please "tag" your Treasuries that you post into this team: (applies only if YOU are the Curator) with: BrilliantBB's

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Original Post

Because we are ranked to some degree by the ratio of hearts to views, hearting items in a list like this actually does help to boost ranking.

How this works:

1. Post two items from your shop that need some hearts.

2. You *must* heart 10 items above yours - and if you've already hearted something, skip and heart the next item above. That's 10 NEW hearted items per post.

Your items should be hearted 10 times, every post. PLEASE DO NOT re-post until at least 5 other people have posted to give everyone a chance And not make you look like an over-poster :) thanks! Let's promote and Be BRILLIANT!

Posted at 3:43pm May 21, 2012 EDT