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Frida Kahlo Fans has the following requirements:

This team is open to anyone interested in Frida Kahlo. In order to avoid confusion and to give your shop the best possible exposure please post your items under the proper thread. Please do not start new threads.

If you have any suggestions for a new thread kindly message me or post on the Casa Azul Chat thread..

Threads and postings may be closed at the Team Captain's discretion.

This team needs your ACTIVE participation in order to thrive. Without your posts and involvement on a regular basis it cannot achieve its purpose which is to honor Frida and collectively bring exposure to what we offer in our individual shops.

The more viewers visit our shops, the more chances we have to make a sale. Every time you post, at least 10 people will see your item! Maybe one of those people will heart your item because they really love it, then somewhere else another 10 people will see that item and maybe decide to feature it in a treasury, then perhaps 100 people will view your item and so on.

You see how this works? The more people visit your shop, the more opportunity to make a sale, which is why all of us are on Etsy after all, right! Want to know what the SECRET to success is on Etsy? Offer unique and wonderful items and make it possible for viewers to find you!

Your Frida inspired creations can also be posted on the Frida Kahlo Fans Facebook Page:

Viva Frida!

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