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Original Post

Thought I would start a thread so we could help each other with our shops + to boost our sales.

One thing I do,is to go into my Shop Stats everyday.

Check out your least viewed items..change your title tag..use your words that are being viewed the most. This will help to bring your least viewed items to the top.

Featured Items
Change these every 2 days. Use either new items you just made or bring up items from your shop that are in the back pages.

If you have a Facebook Page for your shop,keep that updated with your new items.

Also try to add new items daily,even if its only a couple of items.This keeps your shop in the forefront in search listings

Posted at 12:43pm Feb 9, 2012 EST


Great info and an excellent thread!

Okay we don't have the time to list one item everday so most of you probably pick a day to download photos of your new crafts and post them that day. Here is what I do. I take pictures of 4-6 things and go into etsy and save them as drafts. You are not charged your etsy fee untill you post your drafts.
This way I can go into my drafts and list one a day to get more exposure. You can post a draft on your lunch break if you work in a snap. I have seen shops with listings 20 in a row.well great for that day but as the day goes on with the thousands of sellers you keep going down in the pages.

Sometimes I do a draft in the morning and later that evening.i keep spreading this advice in teams and I think it is a great way to do your multiple listings in one day.It saves time to make a few things and have a draft listing day.I also think this could help you boost your sales because you will increase your exposure.

Posted at 1:46pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

Kim from Sassysteampunk says
Edited on Feb 9, 2012

Great info Ghost! I also will re-do pics of items that have jet lag so to speak! lol
A fresh outlook is always good. :)

Posted at 3:22pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

Thank you for the advice! :)

Posted at 10:21pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

I do drafts too! Something I saw made me wonder if Etsy charges you the day of the draft... my memory is so bad... anyway....
I build up my drafts and leave my page open and if I get up in the middle of the night I might stumble in and list something.
I read this in a team somewhere... it may be the middle of the night here but the middle of the day somewhere else!

Posted at 11:22am Feb 10, 2012 EST

So true the astralians are have morning when we are having evening!

Posted at 12:43pm Feb 10, 2012 EST

I didn't think to use drafts...if they charge you for that I probablly won't.....I get at least three items finished a week depending on what the item is and I sit down in the morning and list them all......I have a few clay monsters ready to list I saved them all in my pictures album so I can look for them and add listings later.I do need to do dishes so I shall return fellow spooky cute lovers!

Posted at 3:26pm Feb 10, 2012 EST

They don't charge you! I been doing this for months!

Posted at 5:37pm Feb 10, 2012 EST

Janis from jansbeads says


Using the draft feature is a good idea. You are right in a free moment you can pop an item into etsy. I am going to try it. Thank you for the idea.

As for treasuries. Have you found that they help bring in sales? Not BNRs but just a viewing treasury.

Posted at 10:18am Feb 13, 2012 EST