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Original Post

GoTo from GoTo says

Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Statewide Small Business Outreach Initiative

Upcoming workshop dates for help starting/ growing your NY business:

Statewide Small Business Outreach Initiative

Posted at 3:08pm Apr 16, 2012 EDT

Highlighted Responses What is this?

GoTo from GoTo says
Highlighted Post

Seems they took down the chronological link of event dates and have moved the info to a less-easy-to-see-what's-coming-up format, which they are using this link to provide:

Heads up--it's not actually a website, it's a PDF download. ???

Posted at 4:31pm Aug 23, 2012 EDT


GoTo from GoTo says

Anyone going to one of meetings? None of these are close enough to me and I'd be interested in hearing what it was like/about.

Posted at 1:03pm Apr 23, 2012 EDT

They're too far away for me too, unfortunately. I'd be interested to know what they're saying too.

GoTo, I love your new avatar! Lovely piece :)

Posted at 10:01am Apr 25, 2012 EDT

Bummer...I just read this and missed one on Monday (which I probably could not have gone to anyway...) Maybe there will be more.

Posted at 12:07pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

GoTo from GoTo says

Thanks DottiesPhD!

Goldhawk--Since the schedule only goes through May, I'm hoping June has some closer to me. :)

I should call and see if they are planning more than what they have listed.

Posted at 2:28pm Apr 25, 2012 EDT

GoTo from GoTo says

Looks like the May entries they have so far are not anywhere near me either.

Posted at 12:42am May 1, 2012 EDT

GoTo from GoTo says

Finally one close enough that I might get to go! White Plains in the end of June.

Posted at 3:12am May 22, 2012 EDT

GoTo from GoTo says

Well, I went on a little vacation instead, lol. Looks like none in my area again until after late August...

Posted at 7:08pm Jul 7, 2012 EDT

Jenn from okmillie says

I might go to the one in Syracuse - do we have to rsvp?

Posted at 10:10pm Jul 28, 2012 EDT

Jenn from okmillie says

Ok, correction, I am going! I need this and have so many questions as a new seller! I will try to take good notes on this and type them up at some point. :)

Posted at 10:15pm Jul 28, 2012 EDT

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